Proathlix Body Morph (90 Veg Capsules)

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Product Highlights:

  • Contains 90 veg capsules with 300 mg caffeine.
  • Each capsule contains Green Tea Extract and Green Coffee Bean Extract.
  • Burn fat by reducing hunger and increasing metabolism.
  • Loaded with ingredients that contain antioxidant.
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  • Product Overview

    Product Overview:

    Proathlix Body Morph is a combination of some special ingredients like caffeine (300 mg/serving), Green Coffee Bean Extract (150 mg/serving), Green Tea Extract (150 mg/serving) and more. Along with these ingredients there are other ingredients such as Vitamin B6 and Ashwagandha to make this product more effective.

    Body Morph burns fat by reducing hunger and increasing metabolism. In order to lose weight, a person needs to either limit calorie intake or burn more calories by increasing physical activity. This weight loss supplement reduces fat absorption and burns fat to fuel one’s workout. Along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, the right type of a fat burner should complement your weight loss goals.

    Our fat burner is for women as well. Every serving boosts your metabolism so that you burn calories and fat quicker. Not only this, some ingredients are there to help you enhance your energy and focus.

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  • How To Use

    How to Use:

    One capsule thrice a day to be taken 30 minutes prior to meal. Take 1 serving daily

  • Ingredients


    L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera extract), Forskolin (Coleus Forskohlii extract), Green Coffee bean extract, Choline, Green Tea extract, Grape seed extract, Cayenne pepper (Capsicum annum extract), Black pepper (Piper nigrum extract), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) and Chromium Picolinate. Preservatives (INS 212), Glidant (INS 553 (iii)), and Diluent (INS 460 (i))

  • Faq

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q1: Can men and women both take fat burners?

    A: Sure. Men and women both can take fat burners. One pro of using a fat burner for men is the ease it offers to mankind. It also tends to make men alert and more focused on whatever they are doing. Also, given their components and blends, they tend to keep you more energetic. In the case of women, most women always have big tummies, all thanks to bloating after feeding. Some components found in some fat burners such as D-Biotin help to break down foods for easier digestion. Better digestion means that you don’t have to go through problems with gas and, consequently, a flatter tummy. 

    Q2: How can I burn fat quickly?

    A: As part of a complete, healthy plan to lose weight, fat burners can definitely play a role. Think of fat burners like a scope on a hunting rifle, only you're trying to hunt fat cells. Fat burners are designed specifically to give you the proper doses of various ingredients to support fat loss. But that doesn't mean that the more of the ingredients you take, the more results you'll see. 

    Q3: Is it good to take fat burner pills?

    A: Fat burners improve the rate of metabolism that will convert your body fat into energy. So, you will see an improvement in your overall energy levels easily.The role of a stimulant fat burner is to ‘supplement’ the exercise experience through a temporary heightened mental and physical state. Imagine the feeling of downing several espresso shots and the immediate need to burn off the jittery energy produced.

    Q4: What are the side effects of a fat burner?

    A: Usually fat burners do not do any damage if you are taking responsibly. However, here are some fat burner side effects that you should be aware of:  

    Anxiety - These capsules have been known to raise the stress hormone (cortisol) that affects your levels of anxiety. 

    Lack of sleep - Stimulants found in these capsules can change your sleeping patterns and can also increase your heart rate, leading to sleep prevention. 

    Increased blood pressure - The result of a sped-up metabolism can lead to your heart pumping faster than it should which can raise your blood pressure. 

    Behavior changes - Consumers of fat burners have gone through changes in behavior such as irritability, mood swings, aggressiveness, and nervousness. 

    Stomach problems - Fat burners can lead to stomach issues such as diarrhea, constipation, and other issues with bowel movements. 

    Q5: How long does it take fat burners to work?

    A: Technically, if your fat burner has any active ingredients at all – that is, it isn't just a placebo pill with nothing in it – it will start working immediately. With most fat burners, you will start to feel a few things as the pill kicks in. Your body temperature will rise, which is a product of the increased metabolism and the thermogenic properties of the pill. You may feel more alert and more awake, which is usually due to the stimulant properties of the ingredients, similar to a cup of coffee.