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We at Proathlix understand the value of properly formulated, authentic products. As a company that prides itself on creating functional and performance-oriented products, Proathlix does rigorous testing on all its products. To ensure that these products reach you in the manner in which they were intended, Proathlix has designed a unique process to help you check the authenticity of your product.

You can check your product's authenticity here. Please follow this process:

Step 1: Scratch the tag, located under the cap of the product, to reveal a 10-digit code.

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Step 3: Enter the 10-digit code from your product in the space provided after you login. The page will display information about the authenticity of your product.

Note:* You can only check the authenticity of Universal Blend Whey Protein, Whey Isolate Protein, and Gainer.

What is product authentication?

The process of verifying the legitimacy and genuineness of a product is called product authentication. This authenticity process helps to identify whether the product is real, fake, or counterfeit. It involves various methods, including QR codes, bar codes, holograms, brand seals, RFID tags, packaging covers, tampered-proof packages, etc.

It provides trust and confidence for consumers by ensuring the products they are purchasing are real and trustworthy. Also, ensure the quality and safety! This entire process helps businesses and brands to enhance their reputation by avoiding potential dangers in goods selling.

Benefits of Product Authentication

For manufacturers, brands, and customers, product authentication offers several significant benefits:

  • Brand Protection:
  • Through the authentic process, brands can protect and enhance their reputation and defend themselves from the negative impact of fake goods. It prevents brand value dilution and ensures customers with authenticity and reliability.

  • Avoiding Fake Goods:
  • Product verification procedures serve as a powerful deterrent to counterfeiters. It makes it difficult for fraudulent and imitating organizations to duplicate the products, which results less chances of counterfeit goods.

  • Customer Trust:
  • Product authentication gives customers peace of mind by assuring them that the goods they buy are high-quality and authentic. It contributes to the development of customer and brand trust, which encourages repurchases and brand loyalty.

  • Consumer Protection:
  • Upholding high standards for quality and safety is necessary to ensure product authenticity. Since genuine products are more likely to adhere to legal specifications, there is less chance that customers may use inferior or potentially hazardous products.

  • Intellectual Property Protection:
  • Protecting a brand's intellectual property rights is facilitated through product authentication. It enables businesses to file lawsuits against counterfeiters, preventing violations and improper use of brand assets.

  • Supply Chain Visibility:
  • Some authentication techniques, like RFID tags or blockchain technology, enable customers to enhance visibility and tracking capabilities throughout the supply chain. This improves inventory control, lowers theft or loss, and streamlines logistics.

  • Combating Gray Market Sales:
  • Authenticating products can assist in stopping illicit sales and distribution in the gray market by guaranteeing that products are marketed through legitimate channels.

  • Market Differentiation:
  • Brands that prioritize product authentication can use it as a differentiator in the market to distinguish themselves from rivals and represent themselves as fighters of customer safety and protection.

All these are the benefits that brands and businesses get from product authenticity. As it is an effective method to fight over fake goods, customers can feel the trustworthiness in buying goods.