What are combo offers?

Combo offers are special deals where multiple products or services are bundled at a discounted price. Instead of buying each item separately, customers can get combo pack for a better deal. That's what we call a combo offer.

How to make combo offers?

Ready to elevate your sales with combo offers? Think of it as pairing puzzle pieces: find products that fit seamlessly together to offer customers a complete experience. It's all about being strategic and customer-centric. Ask yourself which combinations provide unbeatable value, making shopping easier and more appealing for your audience. When you nail this strategy, not only will products fly off the shelves, but you'll also see a significant boost in sales. So, get into your product lineup, get creative, and craft those game-changing combo offers!

For example, if you're in the health supplements business, consider creating a combo offer of a multivitamin and an omega-3 fish oil capsule. This pairing addresses both general and heart health. To maximize the impact of your combo offers, ensure they're priced attractively, easy to understand, and prominently advertised.

When to offer a combo offer?

Offer combo deals during peak shopping or when you want to clear out old inventory. They are also great during holidays or special events to encourage more purchases. Remember, the goal is to increase sales and provide value to your customers.

What are the benefits of combo offers? How can they help in E-commerce business?

Ever wondered about the magic behind those enticing combo deals on your favorite e-commerce sites? Here’s the scoop: Combo offers bundle-together goodies at a snazzy discounted price. It’s like getting the ultimate party pack for the price of a solo ticket! But here's the genius part for e-commerce geniuses like you: these online shopping offers clear out inventory and boost the average order value. Plus, when customers feel they’re catching a deal, they're more likely to hit that 'Add to Cart' button. It's a dance of delightful deals for them and soaring sales for you. Ready to look for online offers today to for the best deal and discount?

1. Makes the customer loyal

Everyone loves a pleasant surprise, right? Think of combo offers as those delightful surprises at events. When customers see that they can consistently get these value-packed deals on your site, it's not just a one-time happiness boost. Over time, this consistent value keeps them coming back. They start to trust that your platform always offers something special, promoting a strong bond of loyalty. They will not only return but might also spread the word about the amazing deals they caught!

2. Gives more visibility

Imagine having a hidden gem in your collection that few people know about. By pairing this hidden gem with a crowd-favorite in a combo offer, you're giving it a chance to be discovered. This strategy means that the lesser-known product isn't overshadowed but gets shared limelight. It's like introducing a shy friend to a group by pairing them up with someone more outgoing; suddenly, everyone wants to get to know them!

3. Move dead stock

We've all been there- certain items just don't get the attention they deserve and end up sitting around. Enter the magic of combo offers! You're creating a renewed interest in them by pairing these overlooked items with top sellers. It's similar to repurposing an old outfit with a trendy accessory, giving it a new look and appeal.

4. Boost sales

The beauty of a combo is its irresistible value. When customers realize they're getting more products for a comparatively lower price, it's hard not to add them to their cart. It's similar to when you see a buy-one-get-one-free offer; the temptation to seize the deal is strong. This psychology pushes the customer to purchase, and your sales numbers are climbing before you know it.

5. Deals and discounts

We all love to bargain. The very essence of combo offers is that they represent a bargain, a perception of getting more for less. This feeling of securing a deal often sparks joy and excitement in the shopper. And when they feel this way, they're more likely to purchase and return for more such deals in the future. It sets your platform apart as the go-to place for smart, value-for-money shopping.

Combo offers are indeed very powerful tools in e-commerce. They mix value and excitement to attract all kinds of shoppers. These offers can spotlight lesser-known products, help sell old stock, and offer great deals. They pull in customers with good savings and keep them returning with ongoing deals. Combo offers to boost sales and make your brand more visible. Simply put, they're more than just deals; they create a fun shopping experience, showing you can get more for less.

Difference between product and combo product

When you combine 2 single products, it becomes a combo. Single product presents the opportunity to aware visitors of your product such as benefits, usage, etc. A single product is important to show as they actually represent your website and give the chance to purchase the same at your website. When you combine 2-3 products in one bundle and sell it, it gives the chance to your user to buy multiple products in one go. It is also good for the brand owner to increase the selling price of the product and get more money from 1 single customer.

Types of combo offers

1. Buy 1 get 1 free

This combo offer presents the opportunity to use to buy 1 product and get 1 product free of cost. This is a special type of offer where you pay for one product only and take home 2 products.

2. Buy multiple products at a lower cost

Now in this, the discount goes deep. These types of offers are good news for consumers as they offer good discounts so you get to save some money. It is also one of the ways brands liquidate their stuck inventory from time to time.

3. Buy a product and get a freebie

Now, if you are looking for some free gift while purchasing the product, then these kinds of combos are good. Therefore, look for a combo where you get some free gifts when you purchase your product.

4. Buy worth a specified amount to receive a discount on future purchases

This is also one of the ways brands use to sell their product. It is a win-win situation for both parties. This offer is usually used to lure first-time buyers. This is where the customer gets a discount on their second or third-time purchase. With this type of offer, brands ensure that their customer will return again and again to their website to make a purchase.

5. Buy a product worth X and get a freebie

This is one of the marketing strategies where brands ensure that customers pay a certain amount to get the freebie. This ensures that their freebie cost also gets covered in the actual product cost. From the consumer’s point of view, it ensures that they get a good free gift.

6. Buy a product worth X and get a discount

This is one of the ways brands ensure to offer their product at less discount. Brands offer discounts when you actually add products for a certain amount. Once you cross that amount, you get a certain discount such as 2 or 3, or 10 percent.