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BCAAs Powder

For your body to re-build muscle, you need these amino acids. There are 20 in total, 11 of which can be manufactured by the body. Out of the remaining 9 that cannot be produced by the body, isoleucine, valine and leucine are the most important for building muscle mass. These 3 amino acids are together called Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAAs.

Benefits of BCAA

Branched Chain Amino Acids are clinically proven to help muscle growth and recovery. They also help in preventing breakdown of muscle tissue. BCAA’s do this by stimulating the building of protein in muscle. Aside from muscle growth, BCAA’s help reducing muscle soreness after exercise, reduce exhaustion from working out and can help individuals with liver diseases.

Why Proathlix BCAA

A necessity for endurance training, Proathlix BCAA contains 7g of BCAA, aiding protein synthesis-and therefore protecting muscles. Proathlix BCCA is especially designed to aid in faster recovery, muscle growth, fitness, strength and improve overall performance. In addition to BCAA, it also contains 2.5g of Glutamine per serving and is developed according to international standards.

L Glutamine Powder

Key to biosynthesis of proteins, Glutamine helps boost immunity as well as intestinal health. Also known as ‘calming amino acid,’ Glutamine heals body tissue, reduces anxiety and helps curb sugar cravings. L-Glutamine is an excellent supplement to help with muscle soreness, immune system stimulation and reduce the incidence of illness following prolonged endurance exercise.

L-Glutamine Benefits

L-Glutamine is important in supplying the right balance of nitrogen to muscle to synthesize proteins. This helps prevent muscle breakdown, so you can retain more muscle and have a leaner physique. L-Glutamine is also beneficial in gut health, preventing infection and inflammation.

Why Proathlix L-Glutamine

Manufactured in ISO 22000-2005 Certified Facility, Proathlix L-Glutamine contains 5g of glutamine per serving, an ideal amount to help your body heal from muscle soreness. Proathlix L-Glutamine contains no added sugar and is gluten free. It helps build immunity, reducing the incidence of illnesses following prolonged endurance exercise. Proathlix L-Glutamine also promotes a buffer for lactic acid production and helps maximize exercise performance.