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Energy and Stamina –

We hear a lot about finding ways to increase your energy and stamina. But what do energy and stamina actually mean?

Put simply, energy is your capacity to do any task. A person with more energy is therefore able to do more than a person with less energy. Stamina is an extension of energy; it is the ability to sustain exertion. Stamina depends on how long you are able to sustain your energy, when completing a task.

How to increase energy?

For consistently balanced energy levels it is imperative to take care of your mind, body and nutrition.

  1. Mind- a calm mind ensures that no extra energy is expended on unnecessary negative emotions. Find ways to control your stress through meditation, yoga and exercise. Additionally, try to avoid “overworking” as it can cause fatigue, lowering your energy levels.
  2. Body- exercise and periodic movement does wonders for your energy levels. When you exercise, your cells burn more energy and circulate oxygen. Exercising is linked to higher brain dopamine levels, an instant mood elevator.
  3. Nutrition- one of the most effective ways to improve energy levels is to eat the right nutrients. Including energy boosting foods like bananas, coffee, nuts and lentils can have a direct impact on energy. A good balance of protein rich and carbohydrate rich meals is also essential for muscle boosting and increasing energy.

How to increase stamina?

Increasing energy levels is the first step, but it is equally important to find ways to sustain that energy.

  1. Optimize your nutrition- when you eat is often times as important as what you eat. Different food groups impact energy levels differently. For readily available energy, carbohydrates are vital. Fiber and protein help in a slower release of energy. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants help with inflammation and antioxidant protection. Consuming these nutrients at the right time of day can help boost energy levels more effectively.
  2. Build an effective workout routine- one of the most effective techniques to build stamina is to reduce recovery time and resistance. Take shorter breaks by reducing resistance but increasing repetitions. As your breaks get shorter, your stamina gets better.
  3. Be aware of your sodium intake- your body loses a lot of sodium in the form of sweat when working out. It is important to replenish sodium levels by maintaining an optimal intake of salt intake.

How Proathlix products can help you?

Proathlix has designed a special range to help you increase your energy and stamina. This thoughtfully designed line features products with ingredients that are scientifically beneficial in boosting energy throughout the day.

For a pre-workout boost try Proathlix Creatine Monohydrate, Proathlix Pre-Workout and Proathlix Caffeine. Each of these formulations provides diverse nutrition for your body pre-workout. Proathlix Creatine Monohydrate contains 3 gram of pure and fast absorbing Creatine per serving, to boost muscle strength. Proathlix Pre-Workout is loaded with Caffeine and BCAAs, to drastically improve muscle performance during intense workouts. Proathlix Caffeine Capsules boosts weight loss and improve metabolic performance. Our caffeine capsules are one of the best energy boosters.

Post-workout, your body needs to refuel and reenergize. Proathlix Rehydration Tablets loaded with essential Ions like sodium, chloride, and potassium help replenish necessary fluids and essential electrolytes. Proathlix Energy Gel blends caffeine with essential carbohydrates to bring back your vitality when you are nearing exhaustion.

To ensure that your body is running optimally, try including Proathlix Multivitamin to boost immunity, and Proathlix L-Carnitine capsules to amplify the effects of your rigorous training sessions. Proathlix Protein Bar can be used as an anytime snack replacement, without the extra carbs and calories.