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Proathlix Whey Isolate Protein, 1kg

1kg, Intense Chocolate
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Product Overview

Proathlix Whey Isolate Protein Powder is developed from the finest Isolate protein sourced from the USA, making it the best protein supplement for professional athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts in general.

Our whey protein powder's low-fat, gluten-free formula gives you a protein-packed power in every serving. You get 25 grams of unadulterated, unsweetened protein with 6 grams of BCAA for growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

With less than 1 grams of carbs, isolate makes for the most preferred choice of whey protein. Our strict quality checks ensure the availability of all essential amino acids profile in your serving.

Add our Whey Isolate protein powder to your favourite shakes, home-made protein bars or other meals for robust supplementing.

Why Proathlix Whey Isolate Protein is different from others:

  1. Our Whey Isolate uses the highest quality Whey sourced from the USA and manufactured in a GMP compliance facility

  2. The gluten-free formula works best for those who are lactose intolerant

  3. You get pure whey isolate with no additives or preservatives

  4. It comes with DigeZyme®, a multi-enzyme complex like Alpha-Amylase, which improves nutrient absorption and provides relief from gastrointestinal conditions such as bloating and cramps

Proathlix Whey Isolate Protein Supplement Nutrition Facts

Nutritional facts

How to Use

Even the best whey protein isolate needs a disciplined consumption pattern to provide optimum results.

While building muscle mass, you need to pay close attention to the quality of the protein you are adding to your diet. You need to consume protein at the right time in the right quantity as this directly impacts the growth hormone (HGH) which contributes to muscle growth.

Blend Proathlix whey isolate with cold water or milk for a post-workout drink. You can also blend a scoop of whey isolate with an egg and a banana to power your breakfast.

It's best to consume whey isolate 2-3 hours before and after your gym session or resistance training routine. If you are a highly active person, your daily intake of protein should be around 1.5-2.2g/kg of body weight, when aiming to build muscle and boost weight loss. If you are supplementing for overall fitness, aim for 0.8g/kg of body weight.


Whey Protein Isolates(WPIs) make for the main ingredients in our protein powder. You also get over 4 grams of naturally-occurring Glutamine and 6 grams of BCAAs Leucine (3.2 grams, Isoleucine(1.4 grams) and Valine(1.5 grams) in each serving of about 30 grams.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Is whey isolate better than whey protein?

Yes! Whey Isolate is a pure dose of protein without any extra fats, carbs and calories per serving. It doesn't have any side effects such as bloating or upset stomach which is otherwise common when consuming Whey Protein.

Q2: What is the difference between protein isolate and whey protein?

Whey Protein Isolate is the purest form of protein, with 90-95% protein content. Whey Protein, on the other hand, is its unfiltered predecessor with just 10-15% protein content, with the rest made up by lactose, fats and carbohydrates.

Q3: When should I take whey isolate protein?

Whey isolate benefits the most when consumed post-workout. Your workout opens up the body and primes the muscles to act like a "sponge". With its solubility, Whey Isolate gets absorbed quickly and helps in muscle repair and growth. You should consume it in the anabolic window (typically within 2 hours of working out) for best results.

Q4: What is whey protein isolate?

Isolate is Whey in its purest form. It contains 90-95% protein content and hence has all essential amino acids you would need. It also makes for a great source of protein for people who are lactose intolerant as it is low-fat and low-carb.

Q5: Does whey protein isolate help build muscle?

Yes! Whey Isolate undergoes intensive processing to remove extra fat and carb content which makes it the cleanest and purest form of protein. It thus has the maximum protein concentration, close to almost 90%, giving you full protein power without worrying about those extra calories and macros.

Isolate also contains a high content of BCAAs along with multi-enzymes which help reduce catabolic activity. This makes Whey Isolate your best bet to build and maintain muscle tissue.

Its fast-absorbing capability, solubility and filling nature, unlike other protein sources, relieves your body of the extra efforts of breaking down the protein source. The amino acids levels in the blood spike up which in turn promotes protein synthesis in muscles, thus contributing to building muscle.