Enduro Sport


Peddling your way to the rough terrain of strength, taking fitness horizontally with all your power; cutting through the air and defying all the odds. The low impact sport requires full body workout. Not just legs, but strong hips, lower back and high levels of endurance are extremely essential.


Putting the best foot forward, striding out to get a fitter and better body. Why complaining about the pain when fitness is of paramount. It involves a lot more intensified effort, needs more stamina, energy and rigorous workout, giving a tremendous amount of endurance, confidence and bliss.


23 Olympic golds to Michael Phelps sounds staggering & jaw dropping! But, did all these laurels come to him overnight? Of course, Not. It Took him years of unflinching determination, steely resolve, explosive & holistic training, and appropriate guidance to be the undisputed icon that he has become.


Flip of coin deciding the game, exquisite cover drive or stunningly breathtaking catch, changing the whole complexion of the match. All these moments of brilliance sparkle on the scene with sheer discipline, unwavering focus, extensive fitness & training, and mental strength & physical endurance.


Stepping out on the street to provide oxygen to the body. Jogging one’s heart out and watching the brain grow. Yes, a few days of jogging improves the ability to recall memories. Effective, inexpensive and easily performed method to strengthening heart & lungs, giving one’s mental well-being a new high.

Here are the tips PROATHLIX recommends you to excel at your passion.

Training Strength
Interval Training