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Can’t Stay Fit Because You’re Always ‘On The RUN’?

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Exercise while working

We don’t think so. In fact, you can retain your hard-earned body before heading out.

Before getting into how you can or rather should train to maintain your physique while traveling, let’s get a couple of points clear: you can maintain your fitness levels even while your travel. What you cannot do however is increase your current levels, while on the move. That being said, let’s find out how you can maintain it while you travel.

If your trip is longer than a week then the first thing you should ensure is that you book yourself into a hotel that has a fitness facility in it or closes by. Secondly, keep a time slot: early mornings, late evenings or any free time that you find during the day booked for your workout. No matter what happens make sure that you find time to train.

Balance Your Time

During travels, you should aim to at least maintain a 3:1 ratio meaning that you should try to get in a morning workout at least once in three days. This will ensure a good balance between maintaining your fitness levels and doing what you came to do.

If you are on a break why not give the routine a break too? Instead of sticking to your regular training routine try a different fitness class such as Zumba, kickboxing, yoga, and so on. It would break the monotony of both your body and your mind. Just be careful if you plan to venture out into trying an intense activity like Crossfit. If you do plan to though, ensure that your current fitness, recovery and nutritional standards are pretty high before attempting these during travel.

Try to keep your fitness apparel and shoes right on top in your luggage so that you remember that you plan on using them shortly. Carrying a theraband on top of your clothes in the suitcase is also a great asset, as it allows you to perform basic strength training exercises anywhere.
Pushing yourself to train after a long day can be quite tough. Therefore watching motivational training videos can be a great way to boost your enthusiasm to get out of bed and train. Whatever your style, there are tonnes of motivational videos on YouTube right from MMA, Crossfit, Bodybuilding to Parkour. Once your body gets going the benefit of improved blood circulation and improved mobility in the joints will feel invigorating after long hours of sitting during travel.

Dance Behind Closed Doors

One of the simplest and most enjoyable methods to stay fit during travel is to just put on your headphones, play your favorite music, and dance in your room. The best part is that you get to practice your moves without feeling conscious and get in a workout!


Travel time can be used judiciously to stretch the whole body—especially to release tight muscles such as the pecs, lats, hip flexors, and calves. Most Indians guys don’t give enough time to stretching their muscles probably because stretching doesn’t appear macho enough for them to do so! Therefore a full week of regular stretching can get you back to feeling new and balanced about your body.


Deckline Leitao, who holds a sports science degree from South Africa and a PG diploma from the UK, is one of India’s most qualified trainers

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