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Deckline Leitao

Sports Conditioning & Fitness Specialist
The Train Right philosophy!


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Deckline Leitao received his sports science training in South Africa and the UK. Following his graduate degree in Sport Science from the University of KZN, South Africa in 2003, he travelled to the UK for his post-graduate training in Sport Culture from the University of Roehamtpon, London. As his wife is Japanese he often travels to Japan and is deeply influenced by their approach to work and life. Previous to that he studied in St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai while winning the Xavier’s Strongman title.
In order to further his knowledge Deckline also received certifications from the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), YMCA hydrotherapy, sports massage and qualified as a yoga teacher from the Yoga Institute, Mumbai. Additionally, he has learnt immensely from his brother Dr. James Leitao FRCS (SA), consultant orthopaedic surgeon specialising in the spine who has practiced in London, South Africa, Holland and the gulf. This has helped enhance Deckline’s knowledge of injuries and healing of the musculo-skeletal system.
With decades of experience, education and worldwide exposure, Deckline now believes in a practical wisdom-based approach towards fitness and strength & conditioning. He calls it the Train Right philosophy.
In today’s world of social media where fitness and any form of exercise is attached with a story to hype up the whole process, Deckline believes in producing results without the drama. He says that sport science has to make training simpler and effective, rather than complicated and confusing just to make it appear special to parents, players and coaches.
Over the years he has strongly espoused three concepts. First, that Indians and South-Asians have to be trained with a load that is applicable and appropriate for their physical structure.Secondly, if one is a competitive sportsperson then we have to realize that medals are won on competition day and therefore we have to prepare and protect the body to peak for that particular day.Thirdly, young Indian athletes are more prone to injuries when trained with loads that suit europeans, asians, africans, etc and these injuries lead to going through physical and sometimes emotional pain as they miss prime competitive years of their lives. And, the worse part about injuries is that and there is generally no investigation and accountability of anyone for causing it and the player ends up becoming a patient which is the exact opposite of what a sportsperson needs to be.You can subscribe to his youtube channel (in the link below) where alongwith other accomplished professionals he explains the above in simple terms.

Having practiced martial arts philosophy over decades, Mr. Leitao is particular about his associations with brands/products and therefore consults out of RxDx sports medicine centre, and is the Sport & Exercise Science specialist for Proathlix. He believes in following and teaching youngsters a lifestyle of fitness, improvement and balanced mental growth while keeping away from the abuse of alcohol, drugs and peer pressure.