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How Duo Up Your Game!

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Another supplement that should make its way to your list is HMB. 

Let us tell you what this supplement does and how far it can take you on your fitness journey.

What is HMB?

HMB (or (beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate) is an active metabolite of Leucine. It is required by the body to repair muscle tissue. It slows the breakdown of proteins and speeds up their synthesis. HMB also maintains the structures of your muscle cells so that they are rebuilt stronger.  

Your body creates HMB by breaking down Leucine. If you aim to build lean muscle mass and prevent catabolism (muscle breakdown & atrophy), then HMB is your go-to supplement.

How does HMB benefit you?

Being an athlete, lifter, gymnast, or bodybuilder, you are more prone to soreness and fatigue as you train harder. Hence you need HMB to revive and support your muscles better. It aids endurance performance and helps you sustain harder training sessions. You are also less likely to lose muscle mass through damage. 

When to take HMB

Leucine works to regulate protein synthesis. If your body does not produce enough of it, you may not be able to repair or gain muscle mass easily. 

You should ideally take HMB near or around your workout or training sessions, you should take your daily servings of HMB an hour before exercise. This helps reduce muscle damage. If you can’t take this supplement before exercise, take it immediately after your workout or training session. 

Start by taking three grams of dose per day as the average. Over time you will want to customize your dosage. Approximately 36-40 mg per kg of body weight each day does give optimal results. Divide your daily dosage into two equal servings. 

In regards to HMB timing For example, if you work out in the evening, take one serving in the morning and one an hour before your evening workout. If you work out in the morning, take your first serving right before or after your morning workout and a second serving at night. Since it doesn’t have its own taste, you can often mix it with cold juices to make a refreshing drink. It easily dissolves in liquids and gets absorbed quickly.

What happens when you add Creatine to HMB? 

When you are indulging in high-power activities, you need the power of creatine. This wonderful supplement helps to store energy in the muscles. You normally get Creatine when you eat meat. Supplementing the diet with HMB and Creatine enhances strength in the long term. Combining the two gives better effects as their ingredients complement each other. The results of your training are also exponentially increased.

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