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Eating Like A Caveman! The Paleo Diet

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The Paleo Diet

It’s time to go back to the roots. Many of the world’s best athletes and sportspeople are already moving backward! Discover the Paleo Diet, which continues to produce terrific results for them.

A diet like no other

The paleo diet rules allow eating only those food groups that humans of the paleolithic age ate millions of years ago. With a lifestyle that was physically intense, they needed a diet that sourced nutrients from whole foods. There’s the elimination of processed and high-fat foods. You load up on fruits and vegetables which fill you up faster. This helps you handle your appetite so you don’t feel hungry often and ultimately cut down your intake. This is one of the paleo diet benefits. Improved glucose tolerance, controlled blood pressure, and better appetite management are other benefits. The long-term, overall health improves and you also pose reduced risk to diseases and chronic conditions. 

The diet’s gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts who are looking to tone and cut. Since this is a low carb diet, it is proven to produce benefits like no other when it comes to weight loss too! It’s popularity also lies in encouraging getting your proteins out of a lot of animal-based foods like meat, chicken, fish, and eggs, not to say they can’t be tried by vegans. Like all diets, the paleo diet supports hydration and believes the effects of the diet elevate when you stay hydrated enough. You can make a little change and indulge in black coffee or green tea to get the added benefits while hydrating yourselves. 

It is a flexible diet that can incorporate a variety of wonderful foods and recipes, you just need to get creative in the kitchen, is all. The restrictions can also be eased out, thanks to 21st-century technology. You also get gluten-free grains and alternatives to dairy-based foods. 

Snacking on Paleo

Three meals a day is what is aimed for when following this diet. However, healthy snacking is something that prevents overeating and gives you a constant source of energy throughout the day to prevent crashes. Go for 2-3 hard-boiled eggs, some fruit and a small bowl of nuts that can include almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and berries such as strawberries and blueberries. Any indulgence in moderation is supported. Keep your intake of hard drinks like whiskey and beer low. Some red wine looks fine!

Foods to avoid on a paleo diet

Your paleo diet recipes can include all food groups except dairy products, cereal grains like wheat and rice, legumes, starchy vegetables, sugar and sugary products and beverages (not even artificial sweeteners). Just like all other diets, the paleo diet meal plans should be customized according to your routines. Remember the basic rules and create your own diet plan that works for you. Consulting a nutritionist when starting a new diet helps you understand your body needs better. 

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