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Eat-Some To Lift-Some

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Whether it is cutting, maintaining, or bulking, make sure that every meal has the proper amount of nutrients in it to support a powerlifting regime. It is not about calories and protein. Optimal muscle growth and optimal health require micronutrients like vitamins, fiber, anti-oxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids as well. Bulking meals, especially for powerlifting, are a balancing act. Meals that strike balance with the workout plan. Also, it is important to note that not every meal in a day needs to have every nutrient as long as things average out over the day.

 Baked Chicken, Rice, Carrots and Apple

520.6 calories, 40.2 g protein, 78.9 g carbs, 15.2 g fiber, 5.4 g fats

Bake chicken and cook rice in advance. Pair a good portion of some chicken breast (boneless or skinless) with brown rice and raw steamed carrots, making it an intrinsically balanced meal. Have an apple for dessert! Since it is important to keep portion size in check, hence:

1. Weigh out proper portion of cooked chicken.
2. Weigh out proper portion of rice.
3. Weigh out proper portion size of peeled carrots

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