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Three Good Ways To Control The Game Of Badminton

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Control the Game Of Badminton

1. Stay Calm and silence your nerves.

The basic fact is that if you’re nervous, you won’t be thinking clearly and Badminton clearly is a game that relies a lot on control. Your mind control. So, relax your muscles, surprisingly that will give you more control over your racket. And please don’t be too eager to serve. Take some time in between rallies. Breathe.

2. The pace of the game should be decided by you.

If you can’t control the tempo of your game, you are going to be in trouble. To dominate the game you need to pre-set the pace. In case you are feeling a bit nervous, try and pace the game at slow. Try and attack less but hit high lobs so that you get more time to recompose and get your confidence back. Tactically your aim should be to start planning the next move beforehand and not just return the shuttlecock back to your opponent.

3. The first few points must go to you.

Securing the first few points in the game against your opponent is a great way to start building pressure. And building momentum to your side. Take a few risks. Lunge forward to perform the net kill even if your opponent is playing a spinning net shot.

This might sound daringly risky, but you know only too well if your kill is successful, you will be powered and charged with confidence. Sometimes even if you fail to get the shuttle over, the net kill will destroy your opponent mentally.

Another risky shot you can try is a powerful smash. All you need to do is hit the shuttle extremely hard so that he thinks that he is dealing with an aggressive opponent.

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