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IPL Is Here! You Need A Fitness Training Program To Cheer

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Cricket Fitness Training Program

So you are going to cheer hoarse and with good reason and when on the couch sitting becomes tiring you need to start Cricket fitness training. Here are the fundamentals movements. Start with these before trying complex exercises!

Begin with the Basics:

  • First Squat
  • Then Step
  • Last Lunge

These movements actually are based on the patterns of movement that cricketers perform on the field. These lower body movements are critical because a lot of lower body is used in the field.

In addition to these basic movements, cricketers need to exercise the upper body because then their entire form is holistically tuned to the sport.

The Full Body Squats are a must when you start

Stand with your hands on the shoulders, your feet should be shoulder-width apart and your toes must be turned out. Squat down slowly like you are sitting back in a chair. Keep your back flat and arms above your head as you slowly come down. Aim to get your hips lower than your knees. Go back to the start and repeat.

The Chest Push Up’s you need to perfect

Start with your feet together, hands slightly wider than your shoulder width, and your arms straight. Now, slowly descend so that your chest is approximately 5 cm above the floor. Return to start. And repeat.

The Pull Up’s a must

Position your body under a smith rack. Your chest should be level with the bar. Now, grip the bar with your palms down, which must be about your shoulder width apart. Keep your legs and torso absolutely straight. Make sure the body is not touching the floor. Now, pull your body towards the bar and aim to touch your chest to it. Go back to the start position and repeat.

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