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The Three Cricket Training Principles All Buffs Must Know

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Principles Of Cricket Training:

Hi guys, here are three cardinal principles to keep in mind when designing a legit strength training program for Cricket.

Principle # 1 Be consistent with your weights!

Training progression is always a vital factor, and you know it. We all do! The same applies to strength training. Using the same weights for every workout will just not cut ice. If you are scared of lifting heavier weights, then cricket is really not the game for you! Where are you going to get the strength for that swing and the sixer? So keep going and ensure that you gradually add weight to the bar and raise the bar!

Principle # 2 Maintain training consistency

You need to follow a low-frequency workout in the beginning so that you have enough energy left for your cricket sessions. Maybe starting with 3 days a week and then gradually increasing it to 4-5 days a week would be a good idea. Since you will never have the bandwidth and time to do the strength training frequency of a weightlifter you need to consistently hit the ball over the border!

Principle # 3 Need gap training

As a cricketer, you need to base your workouts depending on the time of the season. The concept of periodization is critical for you to follow. Use the off-season to build strength and power, and use the season to focus on maintaining strength gained during the off-season sessions. There is no sense and no real need of trying to build additional strength when the season kicks in because it will leave you feeling weaker and exhausted.  

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