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How To Boost Your Testosterone-Levels Naturally

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What’s the most ignored T-word of the 21st century you ask? It’s the mighty old Testosterone. While testosterone may be a male sex hormone, it is present in females as well.

What does testosterone do?

In males, the ‘T’ takes care of your general health, reduces the risk of many diseases, along with maintaining sexual wellness.

Testosterone levels in females affect fertility, muscle mass, and fat distribution. Normal testosterone levels in females range from 15–70 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) of testosterone in her blood, while normal testosterone levels in males are far higher, ranging from  270-1070 ng/dL

Testosterone levels decrease by age in both men and women, and that’s why you should care.

How would raising my testosterone help me?

Ladies, low testosterone levels can be the reason you feel sluggish and fatigued all the time. Not being able to sleep properly or putting on some weight? It could be your body indicating that it needs some ‘T’.

How do I raise the levels naturally?

Stress reduction:

Chronic stress is dangerous to testosterone and has been proven to lead to many issues. Stress elevates the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for managing a variety of processes, including immune response and metabolism.

It’s Milk and Egg Yolk, Folks!

Too grown up to drink milk? Well, you might just be losing out on a great source of protein and calcium. Its vitamin D can also help keep up your ‘vitamin T’. Choose low-fat versions that come with the same nutrients as whole milk, but without any saturated fat.

Pros swear by their eggs, and now you get another reason to keep eating them! Good cholesterol in the yolks takes your testosterone a notch up.

Exercise your way to the Top”

Testosterone levels after a workout are raised significantly depending on their intensity. Different exercises work differently to boost testosterone. Some work temporarily, while others have a lasting impact but work gradually to push up the T.

Also, you hitting up the gym is not only helping with Testosterone, but it’s also increasing the human growth hormone (HGH), which, like testosterone, promotes muscle growth and results in the reduction of body fat!

Alcohol maybe never!

If you really want to take care of your body, make ‘moderation’ your wife! Testosterone levels after quitting or even reducing alcohol have been proven to rise substantially. 

Ladies and gentlemen, raise up to a good life, naturally!

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