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Wrestle the Odds & Gain Strength

It is a known fact that stronger, more conditioned wrestlers are more successful at the elite high school and college level.

But getting in shape and peaking for a season is more than just grinding everyday

Like the sport, the off-mat program should be approached tactically. And good technique on drills and exercises make the difference between gaining power and just improving strength, or improving distance running or sparring pace.

It is important to be specific and targeted, otherwise it’s wasting valuable time.

Off-Season Phase

  1. Build a base first?
  2. Have enough knowledge in the weight room to perform exercises correctly?
  3. Know what order to train in?

Key Elements of an Off-Season Program

Comprehensive programming considers everything needed as a wrestler.

The approach must be streamlined.

As one of the physically dominant athletes on the planet, so train accordingly.

In the weight-room, 3 strength sessions per week is enough.

It is important to always do a full body lift.

Be an athlete, not a bodybuilder, so improving coordination can even happen in the gym.

Don’t waste time on silly exercises.