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Meal Plan For An Arm Wrestler

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Like any strength sport, arm wrestlers should eat for strength and power.

The key to healthy quality weight gain is to eat consistently throughout the day following a structured meal plan.
Arm wrestlers should eat six or seven meals/snacks moderately large, rather than three huge meals. Include plenty of high-protein food choices, like lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs, and milk; cereals, bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes; fruit and vegetables (don’t forget nuts and pulses are also good sources of protein); as well as sources of essential fats.
Structuring meals are of particular importance around training sessions. Have low glycaemic carbs about 30 minutes before a workout, with a small number of simple carbs right before and straight afterward. It may also be useful to have protein pre-, during, and immediately after post-workout. Protein and weight gain supplements can be useful aids in gaining size and strength, but not in place of good wholesome food.
The following is a sample day’s eating for an arm wrestler weighing around 95-100kg. Adjust portion sizes appropriately if you’re a different body weight, or according to results. On non-training days, the only difference should be to nutrition around a workout.


Porridge: 75g oats + 300ml skimmed milk + water + 1 tsp sugar
2 slices wheat bread toasted + natural peanut butter


Sandwiches: granary bread + tuna/chicken / ham
Large handful of mixed nuts
Item fruit
Drink water


Large chicken breast or 2 mackerel fillets
100g Basmati rice or whole wheat pasta
Tbsp sunflower seeds
Large mixed salad
Low-fat yogurt


4 squares easy flapjacks
Large handful of mixed nuts
Large banana
Mug green tea

30 mins pre-workout

4-6 oatcakes

Immediately pre-workout

20g whey protein + 15g dextrose in water

TRAIN – during the workout

Sip 20g of whey protein

Immediately post-workout

20g scoop whey protein + 30g dextrose + 30g maltodextrin in water

Evening meal

250g lean red meat or 250g chicken/turkey or 300g white fish

60 mins later

100g basmati rice or 100g whole wheat pasta or 6-8 small boiled new potatoes or 1 large sweet potato (dry roasted)
A large serving of vegetables/salad
Low-fat yogurt

Late Snack

250g quark/cottage cheese

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