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New Year Resolution For Health And Fitness

What type of new year resolution do people tend to have?

In every new year resolution, people usually resolve to improve one or more aspects of their lives in order to become healthier, richer, happier, and more successful in life overall. Some resolve to quit smoking, some resolve to study harder, and some resolve to practice meditation, but post the pandemic, the majority resolve to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Top 10 New Year Resolutions for Health and Fitness:

1. Get specific about your goals

What is your new year resolution 2023? Whatever you decide, be very clear on what your health-related New Year resolution is and try to remain focused. However, do not forget to enjoy this journey. Just saying “I want to be healthy” in 2023 is not enough. You must quantify – e.g. “I want to lose 10 Kgs in 2023”.

2. Be active whenever you can

Take the stairs instead of the lift, cycle to work or school if distance and road conditions allow, or simply stand while working on your laptop. Any way of replacing a sedentary lifestyle with an active one should always be chosen consciously.

3. Increase fruit and vegetables

Mother nature has gifted us such beautiful and fresh gems in the form of fruits and vegetables. We must cherish them and eat them over processed and artificial man-made foods.

4. Visit the gym often

A gym is a co-space where you can get the best of equipment and a social circle to enjoy your workouts. Do hit the gym more often in the year to come.

5. Be body aware

Know your body. That’s the first step to being healthy. If you know the positive aspects and areas of improvement in your body which make you feel beautiful and healthier, then you know what your goals are.

6. Start a training journal

Pick a routine. It could be the gym, the open air, a sport, or water. Whatever is your preference, you must identify your training routine and start the journey in 2023. Your training should be according to your diet. Your new year resolution 2023 should not only be focused on your training but also extends towards healthy eating that can support your training.

7. Get your fluid intake right

Our bodies are made of 70% fluid. It is important we replenish that fluid while doing our workouts and remaining active.

8. Find balance in your fitness activity

We must not push ourselves harder than what our bodies can endure. Nor should we be lazy and give up before pushing ourselves and our bodies hard enough for them to show positive results. It’s a balance that we all should look for.

9. Don’t be so hard on your training

Don’t burn yourself out on Day 1. Take it slow and increase the intensity gradually to be able to get up and start working out every day.

10. Learn a new activity

Keep it interesting. Find new things to do once in a while. Add music, dance, and group activities to your routines, so that you look forward to your exercise routines.

Why does fitness motivation arise in the New Year?

New Year is an occasion to reset and restart your life from ground zero all over again. We have grown up thinking of New Year’s as a new chapter of our lives. Just like all other aspects of our lives, we feel motivated to even become fitter every year.

Why do people give up their new year resolution?

People usually set very ambitious health goals as their New year’s resolutions and when they are unable to achieve them, they get demotivated and stop. This is what we need to avoid.

How to maintain fitness resolutions?

It is important to know your body, your lifestyle, and your mental strength before setting goals and starting your fitness journey. Set goals that you can align with your daily routine and also you can push yourself to that. Setting an impossible or difficult goal in one go will only lead to disappointment. The key is to take a small step towards your goal and to achieve a big one just set small achievements first.


Be kind to yourself and love yourself more than anything else to be able to set the right New Year’s fitness resolutions and achieve them 100%. Setting a new year goal is not important as long as you are happy with your inner self. Your focus should be living a healthy life and of course happy one. So, what’s your New Year Resolution 2023?

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