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How To Find The Right Sport For You

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Spot the Right Sport

Choosing the right activity to stay fit is like choosing a partner!
Both require your attention, effort and in turn, should make you feel happy and comfortable. How do you go about unraveling this then?

Read below to find out which sport suits you the best!

Bold 20s

Your 20s are the time when you can get the best out of yourself. This goes back to what happens to your body scientifically. This is the prime time for your bone structure to develop and hence it is the strongest. You can get into any kind of exercise, under the guidance of experts. Improving muscle and bone strength should be your aim. Take up weight training with a mix of intense cardio to get to your fittest self. Those who are on the sporty side can take up individual or team sports as well! Even better, when your fitness journey also ends up earning you some accolades! Some sports you can start at 20 are badminton, lawn tennis, cricket.

Rocky 30s

Here begin the tests of time. This is the decade where you will begin to see the slow down of your overall bodily functions. You are gaining weight in the blink of an eye but working day and night and still not losing weight it.
People, it’s time to start focussing on your diet more closely. When it comes to exercising, you need to build muscle more than ever as you experience get loss of it. It first starts with the lower half of your body. So don’t shy away from the leg days! Cardio exercise should be a priority for you to keep those muscles and joints moving. Keep up the variety in your workouts. Swimming, cycling, indoor badminton, table tennis are the best exercises coupled with some weight training. If you’re playing a game, you can even give CrossFit a try!

Crazy 40s

This is the age where all the exercise and sports you indulge in is to prevent you from getting in bad shape. This is also how you can slow down the adverse effects of aging. The release of special hormones is necessary to give that boost!
Regular exercises like brisk walking are good to start out with. Make sure not to overdo anything as you might not want unnecessary pressure on your heart or respiratory system. You can always level up by increasing the duration and speed when you think you are going too easy. Weight training helps develop muscles and protects your skeletal system. Check with your doctor before starting any sports. Don’t forget to stretch and warm-up before exercising.
As you age, your bones and muscles lose their strength and density. When you don’t indulge in exercises, it impacts your long-term health. You lack balance and your muscles stiffen up.
So be a sport and power up now!

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