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Did You Know These 3 Ball Tricks?

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These 3 Ball Tricks:

While fundamentals of basketball are essential, performing an array of different legal (not street-ball) basketball tricks can make winning a game or blowing by a defender much easier. Plus the flashiness of the moves is what draws many people to basketball games. Here are some gimmicks which can help improve your ball games:

The Ball Cross

There may not be another basketball move with so many unique variations than the crossover dribble.  The crossover allows you to switch hands effectively and provides the opportunity to get your defender off balance which creates space to drive, shoot, or pass.  If you are a player with superior speed you may want to make your crossover lower, focusing on getting the ball into the other hand as quickly as possible so that you can speed past your defender. If you are a player whose strength is quickness and who can sell fakes well, then you may want to take a wider angle with your cross to really promote the fake (see Allen Iverson).  Be sure to experiment during practice sessions and pick-up games to see what style of crossover is most effective.

Dribble In, Dribble Out

Let’s say you’ve been successful in crossing up your defender several times during a game.  Now you see they are beginning to cheat because they are expecting the crossover to come again.  One of the best moves to use to counteract this defensive cheating is called the in-and-out dribble.  This move does take practice to really get down to where you can manipulate the basketball in your hand and sell the fake while staying smooth throughout the motion.

Back Dribble

Behind the back, dribble is a great move to use when in transition or when you see a defender overplaying one side trying to get a steal.  In these situations, it allows you to quickly change directions and leave the overplaying defender empty-handed. I think my favorite aspect of this move is that once you become good at it you do not have to hesitate and can keep moving at full speed during the move.

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