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5 Common Myths About Supplements That You Need To Break!

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The ‘S’ word is the most common word that is thrown around in gyms and fitness centers. Yes, good supplements can really ensure that you get adequate and measurable essential nutrients. 

They do up your game, but it is crucial to know what works for you. Understand the science behind them and the ball’s in your court.

Let’s help you debunk the 5 biggest myths about dietary supplements:

1. You don’t need supplements if you already eat a balanced diet

Most of the nutrients available in food sources or generated by your body can now be found in supplements. However, it’s nearly impossible to eat the right foods at the right times and in the right proportions to be able to let your body meet its nutritive requirements. Processing or cooking food can also compromise the quality of nutrients that your body is able to get out from it. Our plates might be lacking in various essential nutrients like proteins, calcium, and magnesium. Supplements ensure that you get adequate nutrients to make up for this lack.

2. More The Merrier

Toxicity is everywhere! It is most common with vitamins and minerals that are easily soluble in water and fat. Vitamins A, D, E, and K, if not used up, can be stored in the body in large amounts. While taking these supplements, you should always consider your body’s tolerable upper limits for all kinds. Too much of anything can be harmful and it goes out for the good supplements also! Wrong doses or overdose can cause an upset stomach or diarrhea, or in the worst cases, neuropathy, which can result in nerve weakness, numbness, and pain.

3. Natural is Always Safe and Better

An “all-natural” label is not enough to certify if a supplement is safe or not! If you had forgotten this, know that some of the most toxic substances in the world occur naturally. Common salt is a classic example and when taken in high quantities, it is poisonous. Extracts of plants are made up of many chemicals. Some are poisonous and can even cause severe allergies in humans. The quality of your supplements matters a lot. The location of manufacturing, grade and standardization, and refining processes all play a crucial role in determining if they are safe for your consumption. Some concentrates may contain the plant’s toxic chemicals in greater amounts. If you decide to use a botanical supplement, make sure you know what goes into it.

4. Protein Supplements are for Buffs!

This is one of the most common myths about protein supplements. Protein powder is only needed for lifters and bodybuilders. Why is no one talking about the Cardio-enthusiasts? Runners and sportspeople, it’s time to make protein shakes your go-to drinks as they can actually help you recover faster! People in high-endurance activities are more prone to muscle breakdown and hence need more upkeep. So don’t be afraid to shake it up!

5. Ladies can bulk up if using protein powder

Calm down, women! Let’s be sure of the myths and facts about supplements for you. Even a good dose of protein drinks and heavy weights won’t buff you up! You are just not wired like that. Simply adding these shakes to your regular diet will not do any miracles. Good news, anyone? Protein supplements can complement your weight loss diet really well. So go ahead and try out the good proteins without worry!

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