Wrestle the Odds & Gain Strength

It is a known fact that stronger, more conditioned wrestlers are more successful at the elite high school and college level. But getting in shape and peaking for a season is more than just grinding everyday Like the sport, the off-mat program should be approached tactically. And good technique on drills and exercises make the Read more about Wrestle the Odds & Gain Strength[…]

The Art Behind Martial-Arts

Successful MMA fighters are some of the toughest athletes in the world. To win fights, or even make it through one or two rounds, fighters must possess a huge range of abilities. Outside of being well-rounded, highly skilled martial artists, MMA athletes must also have incredible endurance, strength, and power. If one’d like to someday Read more about The Art Behind Martial-Arts[…]

Punch These Rules Inside You

An effective offense depends on the ability to throw punches quickly and to place them strategically to penetrate the opponent’s guard. Defensive tactics include parrying or warding off punches with one’s upraised arms and gloves, moving the head evasively up and down (“bobbing”) and side to side (“weaving”), and bending or twisting one’s head and Read more about Punch These Rules Inside You[…]

Essential basics for bodybuilding

Whether one is starting to lose weight or simply trying to add a few pounds of muscle it is critical to determine which information will be beneficial to their success and which is simply just white noise. Fitness must be finely tuned uniquely to each individual based on their own needs and physiological structure. It’s equally simple Read more about Essential basics for bodybuilding[…]