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What Is Weight Gainer?

What are Proathlix weight gainer supplements?

Our supplements in the form of powders fast track your ability to gain and maintain your desired muscle and body weight. Weight gainers are highly rich in carbohydrates, and protein as well. This gives your muscles an immediate push from two very important nutrients to develop and grow quicker.

Types of weight gainers in the market

In India, it is important to note that weight gainers are usually an umbrella term covering supplements that have an abundance of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins.

Good weight gainers are formulated with high quality protein and Creatine Monohydrate that increases fluid content in muscles and L-Glutamine that helps muscle protein synthesis.

Weight gainers should also be formulated with enzymes that prevent stomach issues like bloating, which is common after taking some weight gainers. ProAthlix weight gainers pay special attention to these details.

You should be very careful of buying spurious cheap products that often mix oral anabolic strioids to their weight gainers.

Who should use a weight gainer?  

ProAthlix Weight gainers are generally recommended for individuals who find it difficult to gain weight naturally, because of high metabolic rates. They are also used by sportspersons who need to gain weight during competition in sports such as wrestling, rugby, boxing, etc. Weight gainers can be highly effective in providing the right nutrients and also help the body achieve a calorie surplus. This calorie surplus over time can lead to a gradual and sustained weight gain.

Aside from gaining weight, weight gainers also boost energy and fuel muscle recovery and growth.

When you should use a weight gainer? 

For those who are looking to take weight gainer to increase muscle mass, you should take the supplement post-workout to regenerate your muscles.

For individuals who want to gain weight, weight gainers can be taken more frequently- in the morning and pre and post-workout, depending on your calorie requirements.


If you are someone who has struggled or is struggling to gain weight, despite eating a healthy diet and working out regularly, then ProAthlix weight gainers might be the right supplement for you. When formulated with good quality ingredients, weight gainers can be an excellent source of added nutrition for the body.


Deckline Leitao, who holds a sports science degree from South Africa and a PG diploma from the UK, is one of India’s most qualified trainers.


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