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Successful Sporting Parent

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Be A Sporting Parent!

Being a parent to your sporty kids can sound intimidating when you have to manage their schedules, diets, practices, and whatnot. Let us help you to ace the job of a sports parent like a boss with these tips!

Power of Words

Your kid craves your support. Let it be known through your words. Talk to your kids openly and ask them to share how they feel about their game.  Imbibe values of sportsmanship, team spirit, and equality by taking examples from your kid’s life, both its highs and lows. Your words of encouragement and appreciation go a long way in building their self-esteem and inner strength. Avoid conversations of comparisons, taunts, and threats.

Bring out The Sports Star in You

If you are one of those parents who are sports enthusiasts and indulged in professional sports during their adolescence, you can be a guiding light for your little ones. Become a part of their sporting lives by participating in light workouts with your kids at home or the park. Reading up with them about the lives of their idols and also give them the learning that helped you on your sporting journey can be an amazing process.

However, this can be a tricky road to tread since your kids might not want you coaching them all the time. Try to strike a balance between both avatars by giving them more room to express themselves before and after the game. Contribute to making their game fun with these little things.

Lower the expectations not the beliefs

Keeping your expectations low is needed when your kid is just starting out with any sports. Icons are not built overnight. However, having a positive outlook and supporting your child in his journey is the most important thing to do. Having high expectations might put undue pressure on them which can deter them from enjoying their game. Believe in your child’s capabilities and let them give their favorite sport a try. Failure is their biggest teacher. Expressing your disappointment when they come back home with a loss will only lead them to hopelessness. Let them learn from it and get back stronger.

So level up your parenting with these tips!

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