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Triathlon Workout Programme

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Evolving an athlete to the highest level is a slightly longer path than just this final seven weeks of training. This training program is an example of the kind of work one must do to take their goals to the next level. This training plan combines pace and heart rate targets. This plan is designed primarily for experienced triathletes between the ages of 25 and 55. Outside of this age bracket, training emphasis should be shifted to less overall volume and more recovery time. In the case of younger athletes, lower volume should be coupled with higher intensity.

One should be healthy and willing to commit a fair bit of time and energy to prioritize their training. One must have had at least 16 weeks of consistent training under the belt. Over the past 12 weeks, one should have a minimum of four long runs of more than two hours (including one at 2.5–3 hours), and 4–5 long rides of more than 4.5 hours, including two at more than five hours.

It is preferable that one have raced a minimum of once or twice during this period. Consider getting an experienced coach with a track record of excellence to help personalize and refine your individual program. Afterall, it takes a deeper look at the finer details of training environment, skills and goals to maximize potential.

WEEKSWIM (mins)BIKE (mins)RUN (mins)TOTAL (mins)
WEEK 15 0013 303 4522 15
WEEK 25 0013 004 3022 30
WEEK 33 154 302 2010 05
WEEK 45 1013 302 5023 30
WEEK 55 0012 303 3021 00
WEEK 63 305 002 3011 00
WEEK 71 302 201 105 00
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