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Rome Was Not Built In A Day. The Same Goes For Your Abs!

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Your goal is to be bigger and stronger or even get in better shape. Supplements are an amazing tool to help reach these goals by increasing your ability to do it.

You need the patience to work on your diet plan, and exercise intensely to drop your body fat percentage. It should be at 10-12% body fat to see those abs, but a more toned look is achieved at about 6-7 percent body fat. 

Here are your top 5 supplements for cutting weight and building muscle:

  • Protein powder: 

Protein is your go-to fuel if you are trying to get a 6 pack. They have positive effects on muscle strength, growth, and even fat loss. This performance increase makes your workout harder, which builds more muscle and reduces fat. Building progressive strength can make you switch to heavier weights soon. The more muscle you build, the more calories you will burn at rest. Consuming protein powder along with a healthy diet and sound workout routine can make you lose more fat than a simple diet and exercise alone. Fast-digesting protein powder like Whey Isolate is critical for the synthesis of protein after your workout. Protein shakes are great to have between meals or when you are on the go. 

  • BCAAs:

Branched-chain amino acids work wonders to boost energy and muscle recovery. Being the building blocks of protein, they assist with protein absorption (eg: while taking whey protein) and are even proven to increase growth hormone levels. They will ensure the retention of the muscle mass you already have or build. This becomes significant for taking the next step in your weight loss and cutting journey. Staying strong while losing excess fat is essential and that is what BCAAs are helpful with.

  • Fat Burner:

One of the best cutting supplements out there, a thermogenic fat burner is your best bet. Improving your metabolism naturally, without restricting your appetite.  Caffeine and Yohimbe make the primary ingredients of a fat burner. Their primary benefit is to increase blood flow throughout the body, which is needed for burning the fatty acids off. As your blood circulation improves fat mobilization, the result is significant fat loss!

  • Glutamine:

Considered a conditionally essential amino acid, it is one of the best supplements for weight loss and muscle gain. Glutamine plays a direct role in fat burning and helps the body store carbohydrates as muscle glycogen. Boosting muscle recovery and sparing muscle tissue from extreme fatigue and glutamine also promote lean muscle retention. 

  • Nitric Oxide Boosters:

They help relax the muscles that make up the lining of your arteries, allowing them to dilate. This is important to increase the blood flow thereby lowering your blood pressure. Since fatty tissues generally make their homes in arteries, it puts a lot of strain on the heart. Widening the path for your blood to flow with ease is what nitric oxide achieves, whether your arteries are healthy or otherwise. Working your muscles becomes easier and you will notice this amazing pump during your workout. This leads to a better tolerance to intense physical exercise, leading to an increase in workout length! NO is the best cutting supplement of 2019. What’s better for losing that stubborn weight? To increase your rep range, boosting it with nitric oxide supplements is the key to doing it.

Being smart in your approach to health and fitness will help you in the long run. There is never a quick fix for this. However, consulting with your physician before including any suggested supplements is the best way to move forward.