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How To Up Your Fitness Game If You Work 60+ Hours A Week

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Fitness Game! Modern living!

Modern living forces all of us to make tough choices. This is for those who toil every day and still want to pump up, eat mindfully, and live a healthy life. Maintaining your physique, family life, and mental health through a 60-hour workweek schedule can be a difficult task. In a typical week, follow these 4 tips for staying healthy:

1. Healthy Carbs Should Be Your Healthy Meals

It all starts with a healthy morning boost. Include whole carbs and cut out the refined, out-of-the-packet ones. Whole carbs contain natural fibers that are extremely beneficial for the smooth functioning of your digestive system. Vegetables, whole fruit, legumes, potatoes, and whole grains are some of the best healthy carbs to start with. Cut out sugar-laden beverages, juices, and refined flour as they are the most common, unhealthy carbs that cause major spikes in blood sugar levels. These can lead to subsequent crashes in your energy that trigger hunger and cravings and further make you go for nasty junk food. Control portion sizes and eats multiple small meals in the day.

2. Up your Exercise Game 

Given you have a 50-60 hour work week, taking out all the time for necessary activities, you are only left with almost 3 days a week for your workout sessions. Indulge in shorter high-intensity workouts if you can. 

Other ways to stay fit are the classic ones like walking during breaks or lunch hours. If you still want to perform full-body workouts, do it on an empty stomach and schedule them for times when you have the maximum physical and mental energy. Doing the first thing in the morning can really kickstart your day!

3. Cut the Caffeine

If you are someone who is powered by a cup of joe, stop! When working long hours, it becomes a common habit to reach out for caffeinated beverages, like coffee. While such drinks might help you stay alert, they harm you a lot in the long run. Running on caffeine too much? It’s time to rethink your go-to beverage for your healthy days. Read here to find out how you can substitute your coffee

4. Meditate like a Pro!

Breathing exercises and Breathing Meditation are your saviors when it comes to surviving as a busy bee. The 2 Minute exercise is really helpful when it comes to managing stress in a really tight schedule. Breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 2, and breathe out for 7, it is that simple. Or try a 10-minute deep, guided meditation session to take care of your mind. Once at peace, you will have some moments to introspect on the day and get back to living mindfully. This becomes really important for the ones who have to spend a lot of their time at work.

Follow these quick and dirty tips to begin your fitness journey even during the busiest of the busy weeks.

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