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Go Sprint To Grow Strong!

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When running gets too bleh and you get too bored, how else can you get a better workout?

If you haven’t tried sprinting already, you are missing out on something wonderful. 

What are you waiting for? Here’s how you can grow strong by sprinting and making your way to the top!

Sprint the Power!

Sprinting is an anaerobic exercise. It works like a power source. Anaerobic exercises use energy sources within the muscles with the use of inhaled oxygen to fuel you. Compared to running, sprinting requires less time and commitment but has innumerable benefits. Studies have also shown that sprinting regularly brings down insulin resistance levels in both men and women. So here is another benefit in the form of an easy weight loss workout. It burns fat faster by approximately 200 calories in 3 minutes! 

Sprint training for Abs

The most explosive training you can do for a body transformation is this one. High-intensity sprinting engages the muscles of your legs and glutes – and of course the core.

The more you sprint while maintaining a low body fat percentage, the more toned your abdominal muscles become.  The next time you are watching sprint races, check out the abs of the world-class sprinters. They rarely focus on building that 6 pack since they can build it on the track. 

Sprinting increases your metabolism rate and makes it last. You continue to build calories long after a good sprint session. It burns the extra layer of fat which hides the muscles we love to show off. Simultaneously, it tones the muscle underneath!

Sprinting workouts for beginners

Hey people, if you are thinking about wanting to start sprinting, here are some things that will help. The benefits of sprinting once a week are gradual but buildable. So start by dedicating the day of the week to a good sprint workout. Try a 200m or 30 seconds- 1 minute long flat sprint session of 6-7 repetitions. This is enough to give you a good start.

All in all, if you include a good sprinting workout in your fitness regime, you will begin to see the benefits soon. You’ll find that you complete your workouts sooner and feel fitter. Toning your body would not seem like a task now. You will start putting lean muscle mass if you eat a balanced diet and stay away from the nasties. An attitude boost comes as a bonus as you start growing stronger, physically and mentally.

Sprinting is an exercise you will become a die-hard fan of once you get the taste of it. You will want that good cardio kickstart to your day to stay active.

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