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A Swift Muscle Gainer’s 2 Day Workout Regime

Man doing weightlifting with his coach

A muscle building program to take up only 2 days per week, one hour per session including warm up sets. Despite the limited amount of time given in the gym, this program is quite challenging.

Rest at least 2 days in between sessions. Here is a sample training schedule for Wednesday workout, Saturday workout II

Workout #1
Full Body Workout
 Squats 2 20
 Bench Press 3 8
 Barbell Rows 3 8
 Side Laterals 3 10
 Cable Tricep Extensions 2 10
 Leg Curls 3 10
 Dumbbell Curls 2 8
 Weighted Sit Ups 2 20
Workout #1
Full Body Workout
 Deadlift 2 5
 Military Press 3 8
 Leg Press 3 20
 Dumbbell Flies 3 10
 Skull Crushers 2 10
 Lat Pull Downs 3 10
 Hammer Curls 2 8
 Seated Calf Raise 2 20

Workout Notes

 Weight – For a given exercise, use the same weight for each set. This will help streamline your lifting, reducing downtime between sets by not changing plates.

Progression – When you can comfortably perform each of the sets using a given weight, add weight to the bar the next time you perform that exercise. For example, let’s sat you are using 200 pounds on squats for 2 sets of 20 reps. When you can complete both sets without feeling like you were close to failure on the last several reps, add weight.

Rest – Each workout has 20 sets per day. To get this workout done in about an hour’s time you will need to limit rest between sets to 90-120 seconds for most exercises. Take a little longer between sets of squats and deadlifts.

Here are some rest recommendations:
Squats – 3 minutes between sets
Deadlifts – 3 minutes between sets
Pressing – 90 seconds between sets
Rows – 90 seconds between sets
Leg Press – 60 seconds between sets
Triceps – 30 seconds between sets

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