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Meal Plan For A Runner – Short Distance / Sprinter

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Short distance running are the sprinting events 400m and below. At these short distances muscular power and anaerobic metabolism come into play and there is no endurance element. Training as a short distance runner will involve weight training 3-4 times per week as well interval training along with sprint training. Leg strength is vital, as a good start off the blocks can make all the difference.Sprinters usually carry a higher than average lean muscle mass, and power to weight ratio is very important. Following a meal plan like the one below will be ideal for a typical day’s training, and carbohydrate loading pre-event is also advised in order to maximize the muscle and liver carbohydrate stores. Supplementation with the sports supplement creatine monohydrate may also be worth considering.

Here’s a sample meal plan for a short distance runner to follow for a typical training day:


Porridge: 75g oats + tbsp ground linseeds + 250ml skimmed milk + tsp sugar
2 slices granary bread, toasted + olive oil based spread + natural crunchy peanut butter
1-2 boiled / scrambled eggs
250ml fresh fruit juice


50g (dry weight) brown basmati rice + tbsp sweetcorn/peas + 100g tuna
Small handful mixed nuts & seeds
Item fruit
Mug green tea


Sandwich made with granary bread + olive oil based spread with lean ham/chicken or large mackerel fillet
100g mixed nuts, seeds & dried fruit
Mixed salad
Low fat, low sugar yoghurt


2 squares easy flapjacks
Large handful mixed nuts
Large banana
Mug green tea

30 minutes pre-training

2-3 oatcakes
20g whey protein
100g mixed nuts, seeds & dried fruit

Running / gym training

Sip plenty of water or isotonic drink where possible

Immediately post training

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