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Sleep Gives Me Superpowers!

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From a baby to a buff, everyone needs a good night’s sleep. Quality sleep is a superpower in itself as it helps balance your hormone levels, critical brain functions, and even your weight!

With sleep deprivation and disorders becoming the norm in the 21st century, tossing and turning might just be creating an obstacle in your way to a healthy and happy life.  

Let’s help you get the best out of your sleepy time with these tips:

Best Sleep Positions

Are you troubling your partner with your deep snores? You should try sleeping on the sides. If you have a habit of sleeping on your back, you might just be aggravating this problem. Resting your head on a heavy pillow may help if you want to maintain this sleep position. It is also suggested that you get checked for sleep apnea, a condition that causes you to stop breathing for a short time while you sleep. Switching to the sides for sleep minimizes back pain. Placing a pillow under your knees will also help with aligning your hips better, removing the strain from your back.

Cycling to a good zzz

Sleeping according to your sleep cycles is the best way to maximize the benefits of sleep. The sleep cycle is made up of non-REM sleep and REM, or “Rapid Eye Movement” cycles in repetitions.

The first and the second stages are of a light sleep where you’re somewhat alert and can be woken up easily. Stages three and four mark the beginning of your deep sleep. It becomes harder to wake you up and your body becomes less responsive to external stimuli. This is when your body starts to repair muscles and tissues, facilitates growth, and boosts immune function. The REM stage is achieved after about 90 minutes of falling asleep.

The knowledge of your sleep cycle is important as it helps you determine the best time to go to bed and wake up feeling refreshed.

Sleep is for the strong

In addition to recovery, sleep builds muscle strength and improves muscle coordination. Sleep holds the utmost significance for building muscle recalls linked to body movements, which happen during REM sleep. The deep muscle repair that makes its way during this stage leads to improved athletic performance.

As a fitness freak, getting enough sleep becomes more important for you. Strength training, yoga, aerobics, sports or your basic home workouts that you indulge in help you hit the sack faster and sleep better! But make sure not to exercise too close to your sleeping time as it might keep you awake for long, hence hindering its quality.

We hope these tips help you sleep better so you wake up stronger!

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