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Running In ToxiCity?

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running in toxic city


Ways to tackle pollution while running!

With pollution levels rising and our cities getting swaddled in clouds of toxicity, there is always the dilemma to go out for a running session or not. Delhi pollution which is essentially a mix of vehicular emissions, industrial and construction dust, intensifies in the winter months, which makes the air quality even worse. This is then aggravated, fueled, and intensified by the burning of crops and the festival of Diwali. The bursting of Diwali crackers and smoke from the burning of crop stubble in neighboring states (particularly Punjab) creates a dangerous cocktail of noxious air. The Indian capital recorded its worst air quality this season on the morning after Diwali.

Here are some ways to fight pollution & enjoy running -:

Avoid Early Morning Promenades

Avoid early morning runs at all costs. Also, avoid open areas and roads. Run, if at all, in areas with a good green cover and during the daytime. Also, use masks—for running and outdoor use.

Check the air quality before you go for a jog!

The AQI is a measure of air quality. You should check the air quality before stepping out for your morning run. The air quality will have a direct adverse effect on your lungs. Practice alternative indoor exercises till the air quality improves.

Do low-intensity strength training that doesn’t require heavy breathing.

You should keep deep-intensity inhaling exercises as minimal as possible. Especially for all the early-morning Yoga fanatics. Although Yoga is supposed to be practiced while reaping the organic and pure benefits of mother nature, when the AQI is so toxic, yoga should be practiced indoors with air purifiers.

Eat food rich in antioxidants and vitamins C & E!

The first bit of good news is, they’re packed full of antioxidants! Yay! Green vegetables are rich in vitamin A – good for building your body’s natural defenses, vitamin C for healthy skin and bones, and vitamin K to help your body heal itself quickly when necessary. In addition to these vitamins, beautiful green veg is also rich in potassium and iron.

Switch to indoor activities

Limit exposure to toxic air quality as much as you can. There any many exercises which can be carried out at home without hitting the gym. Practice low-intensity exercises and don’t go very hard on your body.

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