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Living The Frugal Life – Bodybuilding

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Diet options for a frugal bodybuilder

Are you disappointed with all the gym freaks bragging about the new squat rack at their super expensive gym? Tired of your cousins talking about special supplements they got imported from abroad? We feel you! So cut the blah and read up on these tips to eat for bodybuilding on a budget.

First of all, you should be aware that the process of bodybuilding is not a short-term process. It is long-term fitness which means you have to keep working out and eating fit for the rest of your life. Here we provide you with the food you must include in your bodybuilding diet when you are on a budget. You can plan these food options according to your tastes and preferences, choosing what to eat and when.

Load Up on Proteins

When it comes to bodybuilding, you can never miss proteins. A protein-rich diet is required to build lean muscle mass. Embrace the vegetarian options in your house. Paneer, Rava, and Wheat are some options that you can eat. Rava and Wheat are clean carb sources as well. Remember those soya chunks you used to pick and eat from the biryani? Well, it is time to gobble them up too as they are one of the best cheap sources of protein. Eggs with yolks, Ladyfish provide good cholesterol, Vitamin B12, and tons of proteins. Dals (lentils) form a significant part of an Indian household and can actually remain a part of your bodybuilding diet. Non-vegetarians can stick to chicken as their main source of protein.

Carb that Body

Good carb sources include your regular wheat and rice. When building lean muscles, switch to brown rice instead of white as they are a healthier option. Grains like Dalia and Oats are great sources of energy that fuel you for the whole day.

Fiber Up the Veggies

Raw vegetables and salads should be a part of your lunch and dinner as they are a great source of fiber and good carbs. You need clean sources of carbohydrates to maintain the energy for your bodybuilding workouts. Carrots, beetroot, cucumber, sprouts, and amla are some of the vegetables that are quite filling and provide you with essential nutrients as well.

Dairy Good

Ghee, low-fat cheese, and milk are your best options for building that perfect body. Another way to build muscle is to add Simple Whey Protein to a glass of milk for an instant source of protein. These are much cheaper than those expensive isolates as well.

Bodybuilding doesn’t sound so expensive now, we hope!

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