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How To Work On Your Forehand?

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Simple Is The Swing Key

Keep the swing simple. Making life easier is better than having it complicated, but tennis players like to mix and match when it comes to the tennis forehand. They try to swing in all kinds of ways and try to copy the styles of top pro forehands. This makes the forehand shot difficult. By keeping things easy and simple, a natural swing will progress allowing power and topspin to come on their own accord without excessive force.

Hand And Leg Coordination

In order to impart topspin for a tennis forehand, the racquet must move upwards. But since we hold the racquet in the dominant arm, we tend to use only the arm – meaning the shoulder joint. (It’s also the strongest, and we like to use it for more power.)The beginning upward racquet head movement needs to start with the legs.

Focus on footwork

Move your feet. The tennis footwork on the forehand is ever critical, more so than with any other shot. Nothing other than perfect timing and movement will result in perfect balance. Making sure to set up properly with each ball will ensure that the forehand shot will be a weapon, not a matter of off-balance hitting. Setting up on time all time will give you more options as to where you can hit the ball and how well you can hit. This makes a vast difference between a clean hit tennis forehand and a slap into the net.

Customize your grip

How you grip the racket is very important for your forehand because the grip translates the feel from the racket strings that interact with the ball to your hand. Therefore, you feel what’s going on with the ball, and you know how to manipulate it.

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