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Proathlix Universal Blend Whey Protein, 1kg

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Product Overview

Proathlix Universal Blend is developed from the finest, naturally-sourced whey protein making it the best protein supplement for professional athletes, bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts in general.

Our product undergoes minimal processing to give you unsweetened and unadulterated powder without additives or preservatives, which also keeps the "essential" amino acids intact. Each 30g serving of Proathlix Universal Protein contains 5.4g BCAA which promotes protein synthesis and helps battle muscle breakdown.

It helps improve your threshold for fatigue by boosting the production of Glutathione which protects your immune system.

Strict quality checks ensure that the best amino acids profile is present in all your servings. Add our Whey protein powder to your favourite shakes, home-made protein bars or other meals for robust supplementing.

Why Proathlix Universal Blend Whey Protein supplement is different from others:

  1. Our advance formula matches the highest international quality standards for Whey Protein for quick absorption and transportation of amino acids into muscles.
  2. Proathlix Whey Concentrate boosts the production of Glutathione which protects your immune system.
  3. Our blend is supplemented with 5.6 g of BCAA to reduce muscle fatigue and boost muscle recovery
  4. It comes with DigeZyme® to induce rapid digestion of Whey to give you quick results and reduce stomach discomfort

Proathlix Universal Blend Whey Protein Supplement Nutrition Facts

Nutritional facts

How to Use

Whey protein is best taken within 30 minutes of finishing your workout as it initiates quicker recovery. Mix one scoop of whey protein concentrate with water or milk and blend into a smooth drink. You can also take the drink with any fruit of your choice.

You can split the intake of your protein shakes into regular small intervals to give your body a continuous supply of protein to help absorb it better.

Apart from muscle gain, fat loss, Universal Blend Whey Protein powder benefits include aiding the production of Glutathione, which boosts your immune system. This lets you stretch your limits with ease. It also helps keep your blood sugar levels in check by regulating Insulin and Ghrelin (the hunger hormone).

All protein powder side effects should be kept in mind when consuming it. Excess consumption can lead to nausea, an upset stomach, bloating, cramps and a significant reduction in appetite.


Our formula is a blend of all "essential" and "non-essential" amino acids and is the best protein powder supplement for professional athletes and bodybuilders.

It has Leucine: Isoleucine: Valine in the ratio of 2:1:1 and also contains ALA which deactivates both fat and water-soluble free radicals.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What is a whey protein supplement?

Whey protein supplement is derived from Whey which is the liquid part of milk that is separated during the formation of cheese as a by-product. Whey is processed to form an all-natural, easy-soluble powder for consumption.

Q2: What is whey protein made of?

Whey is an all-natural source of protein derived from milk. The production of curd and cheese results in coagulation of milk and separates Whey from it.

Q3: What are whey protein benefits and side effects?

Universal Blend Whey Protein effects are numerous. It helps increase muscle mass and boosts muscle growth. It has major benefits for weight loss and contributes immensely to the process of synthesis of proteins. However, exceeding the recommended serving of Whey Protein can cause digestive issues, like an upset stomach or cramps.

You might be allergic to it and should switch to other types of protein.

Q4: What is different between whey protein concentrate and isolate?

The two types of whey protein differ in terms of the nutritional content and the processing techniques used to extract them.

Whey Concentrate comprises up to 80% of protein content with the remaining 20% comprising of carbohydrates and fats. When the carb and fat content is reduced further to give a protein content of about 90%, we get Whey Isolate Powder. Whey Isolate is recommended for people who are lactose intolerant.

Q5: Who can have whey protein?

If you are someone who exercises and works out regularly, a protein-rich diet is recommended for you. Whey Protein is the easiest way to pack on the benefits of all "essential" and "non-essential" amino acids without the hassle of looking for different foods to meet your needs.

If you are not looking for a 100% protein intake, Universal Blend Whey Protein supplement is the best whey protein for women.