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Proathlix Protein Bar, 12 N

12 N, Coffee
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Product Overview

Proathlix Protein Bars are here to raise the bar for workout nutrition. From the category of pure protein bars, our energy bar fuels your body with 18g of protein and 9.1% fiber per serving.

Its gluten, soy and GMO-free formula makes it stand out from other energy bar brands in the market. It is loaded with the goodness and the flavoursome combination of fruits, nuts and chocolate.

Our nutrition bar comes packed with supplements like Spirulina and Ashwagandha which contribute to boosting your energy levels and strengthening the immune system.

Go ahead, make this perfect power snack a part of your day!

Why Proathlix Protein Bar is different from others:

  1. For those who have been on a lookout for a Gluten-free formula, Proathlix Protein Bar is your best bet for a light workout snack

  2. With reduced added sugar content* compared to other brands, our protein bar makes for a perfect flavoursome yet nutritious snack for supplementing

  3. Our protein bar comes loaded with the goodness of fruit, nuts and chocolate along with the right balance of proteins and other macronutrients

  4. Available in 3 tasty variants- Coffee, Hazelnut and Fruit and Nut

Protein Bar Supplement Nutrition Facts

Nutritional facts

How to Use

Proathlix Nutrition Bar works best as a snack replacement for your hunger pangs when you don't want to consume those extra carbs and calories. Grab a 60g pack for satiating those cravings pre or post-workout.

The healthiest nutrition bars help you with a quick dose of macronutrients you might be missing. However, for proper supplementation, other forms such as Whey Protein Powders are better for long-lasting results.


Our protein bar ingredients are sourced from the best places to meet international quality standards of workout nutrition.

With 18 grams of protein, 730mg of BCAA and loaded with other essential Vitamins and Minerals per 60 grams of serving, Proathlix Protein Bars effects on the body are tremendous when combined with a nutrient-rich, low-carb diet.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Are protein bars actually good for you?

Protein bars work perfectly as an on-the-go snack or a pre-workout fuel and can conveniently help you hit your daily recommended requirement of protein. Top protein bar benefits include a reduction in overeating & indulgence in junk food and providing a stream of essential micronutrients that aid growth and recovery.

Q2: Do protein bars makes you put on weight?

Picking up an energy bar for weight loss actually saves a lot of calories that you might otherwise put on if you indulge in an unhealthy form of snacking.

A high protein diet is recommended for weight loss. Since protein bars are a calorie-dense, filling snack, they make for a great addition to your diet by curbing your appetite and providing your body with essential nutrients at the same time.

Q3: Do energy bars really work?

Energy bars are one of the best sources for fueling your body before and after your workouts. These calorie-dense snacks are packed with protein and other essential nutrients so you don't have to dig into separate sources for each food group.

Q4: Are energy bars healthy?

Effectiveness of any snack comes down to what goes in it. Choosing energy bars that have no added sugar or preservatives and have a high quantity of macronutrients is the best way to go about choosing the snack.

Make sure to combine these with good exercise for an overall boost in health.