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Proathlix Muscle Pump, 1kg

1kg, Double Chocolate
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Here's A Wight Gainer That Will Meet Your Extreme Calorie Requirements Effectively. The Specially Formulated Fats In This Help You Stay Leaner. It Also Meets Your Creatine Needs More Effectively. Being Able To Recover From Workout To Workout Is Just As Important, If Not More Important, Than What You're Doing In The Gym, So If You Aren't Taking In An Optimal Amount Of Calories, You Won't Be Guaranteeing Your Recovery Rates. This Is Perfect For Your Pumping Plans!

Muscle Pump Supplement Nutrition Facts

Nutritional facts

How to Use

L-Glutamine: This helps you gaining weight/muscle more efficiently, Glutamine minimize the breakdown of muscles by improving the protein metabolism, boost immune system and optimize other intense function require for muscle building.


Comes up with efficient formulation of (High Carb + High Protein + Dietary Fibre) by providing per serving 265g of complex carbohydrate with energy up to 1294 kcal , 50g pure high quality protein & most imp dietary fibre up to 3.50g. This fulfilled the target carbohydrates intake and protein at the same time.

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