At Proathlon, we believe that the Universe was made for running. From rivers to time, everything is always running and so should you and me.

We are of the firm conviction that everyone can run. All you need is to believe in yourself and that's what Proathlon is all about. Running for Yourself.

Proathlon 3.0 is an acknowledgement to the fact that nothing can stop you from running. It doesn't matter who you are, if you want to run, RUN. On the spot, up and down the stairs, on the road or beach, as long as you keep on going. All it takes is time and practice. So start and keep on going. The Proathlon 3.0 team is always by your side to support you.


  • Age Limit is from 18 – 45 Years.
  • Participants can Run the 5km distance at their chosen place (eg : home, balcony, park etc).
  • Complete the run between 5:00 am to 11:00 pm on 26th January 2021.
  • Runners can track their run record through mobile apps like Gramin, Nike Run etc.
  • Run data to be submitted through an Instagram post using #proathlon #proathlixofficial and tagging proathlixofficial on instagram.
  • Post your activity image on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @proathlixofficial.
  • Run data can be submitted before 28th January 2021 by 9 pm.
  • Registration closes on 25th January 2021.


terms & conditions



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  • A contract shall be deemed to have been made between Proathlix and the participants when the participant registers for the event via registration form on Proathlix website.
  • Proathlix reserves the right to amend or cancel the event. This includes changes to dates, times and the programme. In this circumstance, the participant can withdraw participation with full refund. The cancelation request must be shared with Proathlix via email to
  • In the unlikely occurrence that Proathlix cancels an event; Full refund of the registration fee will be made.
  • Alternatively, Proathlix will return any registration fee received in advance. Proathlix will not, however, refund any other costs incurred as a result of this cancellation.
  • Before registration, it is the participants responsibility to ensure, that they have the required equipment and sufficient network access to take part in the digital event.
  • Proathlix reserves the right to disqualify a participant if:
    • The run data is found fake
    • The participant failed to upload the run data before 28th of January 2021 by 9 pm.
  • In this case the participation fee is not refundable
  • Cancellation, Transfer & Refund
  • Registration fee made by Participants are not be refundable nor creditable for any reason whatsoever, unless otherwise expressly provided herein.
  • Proathlix will not accept substitute participants to participate in the event.
  • No refunds will be provided on failure to attend an event. and participant will be subject to payment in full of the original booking fee.