Power Sport


Kicking up the heat off the ground with adrenaline running high & wild. Not just about kicking and dribbling; it is explosive body workouts, strengthening legs & core muscles, and various kinds of insane training that goes behind this fiercely competitive and extremely thrilling game.


Smashing blow of powerful serve. Predominantly, game of individual brilliance. But to make the brilliance sparkle, it is hours of severe practice, gruelling workouts, and explosive movement training for the strength & flexibility of core areas that one has to endure.


Going up in the air to dunk the ball slamming into the rim is hell of a sight to behold. This one specific acrobatics spectacle combines more than one athletic abilities & expertise. High intensity activities such as jumping, sprinting, shuffling and direction changes are included in the explosive workout routine.


Shuttling the ‘badminton birdie’ at a blistering speed with excellent hand-eye coordination. Badminton player’s physical conditioning is focused on incredible athletic ability, high levels of speed, agility, flexible & strong wrist, muscular power & endurance.


Sprinting through quick explosive bursts. Craving for strength & ability of a sprinter is irresistible. But, resisting the kind of freak training, power-packed workout, and strengthening of the entire posterior chain (back, glutes & hamstring) that one goes through, is truly worth justifying the craving.

Here are the tips PROATHLIX recommends you to excel at your passion.

Heal Up
Flexibility and mobility
Rest and recovery
Hybrid Exercises