Hi-Intensity Sport


Flexing up the big muscles & displaying the killer physique. The only opponent you have got to face is the person standing right into the mirror challenging you to show what you have got to show. Beat him up through intensely explosive full body workout, all the muscle madness and strength craziness working in perfect synergy.


The sport of power exhibition; simply saying, one who lifts the heaviest weight possible, gets the biggest prize. One needs to focus on big three routines: Squat for strong & muscular hamstring, glutes and calves, as hips and core are power generators, Bench Press for strong pectoral muscles, muscular shoulders and triceps, and the Deadlift for leg dominant, back assisting exercise.


Knocking out the opponent with powerful blow of the punches. Beating the inner demon which holds one back from putting one’s best efforts. Overcoming the resistance force to develop strength, power to sting like bee and agility to float like a butterfly with crazy workout routine and hours of rigorous practice.


Getting prepared against the unexpected ghosts from the unknown corners. Countless different styles of fighting being displayed into the cage. No fighters fight, exactly alike. Hence, it demands preparation for possibly everything; blocking, kicking, punching, etc. Besides being highly skilled martial artists, MMA athletes must also possess incredible endurance, strength, and power.


For many wrestlers, strength training consists of body-weight drills performed during the regular practice session. Still, committed strength training outside of practice can give you an edge. For the best competitive advantage, stick with body-weight exercises and other high-repetition, moderate-weight training techniques. Otherwise, you risk gaining weight in the form of added muscle to the point where you have to move up a weight class.

Here are the tips PROATHLIX recommends you to excel at your passion.

Hybrid Exercises
Training Strength
Interval Training
Rest and recovery