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Your Workout Needs To Work Out!

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Well, your workout needs to up its game too!

Let’s talk about what you can do to get the best out of your workouts so that they do the best for you.

Figure out the best time to do your workouts:

First, understand your biological clock, work and sleep schedule, and eating habits. This helps to determine the best time for you to train. Now, this is how to time your workouts.

If you are an early riser, you enjoy the early morning breeze and some alone, peaceful time. Since testosterone levels are higher in the morning, you will feel energized and refreshed, with a kick start to a good day. Blood sugar levels are lower than normal, which means the body might go into ketosis to fuel itself for a workout. You might need to focus on warming up your body more as the muscles and joints tend to be stiff from sleep. 

For some, noontime is the perfect time to workout. Picture this: You are heading to the gym with your work gang bang in the middle of the day! How cool does it sound, right? Indulging in physical activities during lunchtime is great as your circulatory system is more efficient at that time and you also hit peak strength with better reflexes. This prepares you well for the second half of the day.  

Feel like training in the evening? This is a time when you hit the peak of your muscle temperature which in turn enhances your performance. Once you come back and get some rest, this might be a great time to enjoy and remove the stresses of the day. 

Are you undermining the importance of variation in exercise? 

It’s time to spice up your workouts!

You know the importance of a workout routine that you follow every day and you seem to be happy with the results. All we are saying is, spice up your life and break the boredom! 

Did you know you might be hitting a plateau when it comes to your workout goals?

Experiment with new things when it comes to your long-term fitness journey. Studies have shown that adding variety to your existing routine can help you with its continuation. When you modify your training every two weeks, you have something new to look forward to. It trains your mind to be ready to face new challenges and hence builds strength when you put your body through new movements. Learning the importance of changing your workout routine scientifically is the first step to taking your fitness game to a higher level.

Wondering how to change your workout routine to avoid a plateau? For starters, boost up the intensity of your exercise. Try incorporating more sets, more runs, heavier weights, basically increasing the difficulty level. These days, it’s common for professionals to cross-train and perform a variety of activities. So if you are good at strength training, try pilates, or aerobics. If you want to stick to a basic workout, then try changing the sequence of how you perform the exercises. This fatigues the muscles in a new pattern and hence adapts the body to a new stimulus.

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