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Three Rules Of Thumb All Trainers Agree On

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What aligns with the Trainer’s thoughts?

Based on their schooling, personal experience, and belief system, no trainer is the same as the next. So, what can you believe when it comes to attaining the fittest and sexiest body you’ve ever had? Apply the following three rules of thumb all personal trainers agree on surprisingly! The truth is that your body is a machine, allowing you to be the
healthiest and most vibrant vehicle for which you live in this life.

Rule #1: Stay Hydrated

Your body is made of a lot of things, but the majority of your body consists of water. In fact, did you know that the average adult body is made of 57-60 percent water? That means that if you’re not staying hydrated, you’re depleting yourself of what it really needs to thrive. Whether you spend the majority of each day typing away at the office,
or training for a marathon, your body depends on enough water—roughly six to eight tall glasses of water a day—to repair and replenish what you’ve lost throughout the day. Feeling fatigued? Being dehydrated may be to blame. Not losing weight as you hoped, no matter how many squats you endure and miles you run? Drink up, because when you start your day well hydrated—and stay hydrated throughout the day—you’ll meet your goals with gusto in less time than you even realize!

Rule #2: Using Proper Form

The importance of using proper form often gets lost in translation, as many people who start an exercise program focus on the destination instead of the journey. Whether you’re doing bicep curls or running on the treadmill, all personal trainers will agree: focus on form, and you’ll maximize your workout time without struggling to shed the fat.

Have you ever finished a round of sit-ups—but just barely—because you experienced excruciating back pain? Proper form is mandatory! Without it, you run the risk of injury. Do you have little time to devote to an exercise program? Breathe easy, knowing that when you devote a moment or two to the proper alignment of your spine, knees, and back,
you’ll save time in the weight room by exercising correctly—which in turn, makes every second count.

Rule #3: Keep a Positive Attitude

You may think that when it comes to meeting your weight loss and fitness goals, your body leads to way. After all, it’s your body that has to endure the lifts, squats, and strides to shed those pounds, right? Wrong. It’s actually your attitude that calls the shots. In other words, your attitude determines your altitude. Your attitude is what propels your momentum to fight through that last ten minutes of spin class (when all you want to do is walk out the door) and your positive attitude is what’s responsible for pushing past your physical limits in the weight room. Stay positive by focusing on your progress—not how far you have to go—and you’ll see it for yourself.

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