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The Five Minutes Workout That Makes A High-Five Difference!

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If you think 5 minutes can’t make a difference, think twice. This is for all the busy bees out there who think about getting fit 24*7 but can only seem to spare limited time. Give a shot at the 5-minute workouts! With 5 minutes to clock means making sure it is a HIIT (high-intensity interval workout). Obviously, you can’t expect groundbreaking results with these, but 5-minute workouts are a great way to kickstart your journey to long-term health and wellness.

We give you two 5-minute workout routines based on what you want to focus on. You can do different routines on different days which keeps the newness intact. These routines are indicative and it is best to personalize them according to how much you can push your body. The best part about these workout routines, you ask? you can easily indulge in them in the comfort of your home, with no equipment required! We have one for working out your full body and one for working the abs.

It’s necessary to prepare yourself for HIIT if you haven’t exercised for a while. Some stretching and jogging are basics to start with. Once you get eased into game mode, march toward these with full power!

Whole body 5-minute workout

This workout routine brings out the best when you repeat a set of curated exercises. Each move should have 12-15 reps resting for 15-30 seconds while transitioning to the next one. This one includes your classic but powerful exercises that are constantly recommended by trainers around the world.

  1. Squats – Start with regular squats holding them for 1-3 seconds each
  2. Step Ups on an elevated platform in your home can be a great leg exercise
  3. Triceps dips strengthen your thighs as well as tricep muscles
  4. Kickbacks are great for your glutes
  5. Knee Push-Ups – Also known as “Half push-ups,” these work your biceps and arms  

5-minute workout for abs

This workout might just be the quickest way to six packs! It is based on performing each movement for a set duration. Do each exercise for 45-50 seconds and rest for 10-15 seconds.

1. Plank Up: The Pros swear by this exercise as it not only works your lower abdomen but also your obliques and shoulders. Start with a high plank and bend one arm to bring the forearm to the floor. Then follow it up with the other arm. Finish the movement with a push-back up to the original position.

2. V-Ups: focus on your abdomen and are best for a lesser-duration workout. Lie face up with arms and legs extended. Tighten the core and lift your hands and feet to meet over your torso. Lower your limbs and repeat.

3. Mountain Climber Twist: This exercises your obliques and lower abs. Attain a high plank with your wrists directly under your shoulders. Bring the right knee under the torso and toward the left elbow. Bring it back to the original position and repeat with the opposite leg.

4. Bicycle crunches: Lying flat on the floor, bringing your knees in toward your chest, lifting your shoulder blades off the ground. Straighten your left leg out to about a 45-degree angle to the ground while turning your upper body to the left, bringing your left elbow toward your right knee in “pedaling” motions.

5. Core Roll Up: Lie Faceup on a mat. Float your arms up and begin to curl your spine up and off the floor. Think of it as making a big “U” shape with your body, and fold your legs to adjust the position. Lower back to the mat and repeat.

Now that you know how these work, take a step towards a fitter you!

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