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Reap The Best From Your Reps!

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Stay tipped to become ripped!

Hold your horses, ladies, and gentlemen! Sweating it out the best and never leaving the treadmill is really not the way to go ahead. Your fitness journey should boost you, not leave you exhausted. Those wondering, “How many sets should I do?” are headed the wrong way! Read up on these weight lifting sets and reps guides to figure out the number of sets and reps you need to build muscle.

It takes dedication and smart work to get those toned muscles you have been dreaming of. You need to strike a balance. Under training or overtraining, both can be risky for your body. Here’s how you can become a pro at getting the best out of your workout routine.

When you stress your muscles by lifting weights, they become bigger when you rest to make them recover. The muscle is fatigued and then builds back up to get better than before. This process happens every time you lift weights but takes a while to see the results on your body.

Focus on increasing the volume of your training exercises. The number of sets you manage is multiplied by the number of reps and the amount of weight used. More volume is the key to building muscle faster. Either increase the weight of your instrument or the number of sets. Little change brings a big impact.

For those wanting to know about high reps for muscle building, weight matters a lot. Many trainers recommended 8-12 reps for muscle growth. Choose a weight that takes you 8-12 sets to complete. Adjust the weight if you are able to do less than 8 or more than 12 sets. If you start and manage to reach 12, try pulling 2-3 reps, until you can’t do it. This would mean you reach a point of muscle failure. The number you fail at is your best rep for strength and size.

When you are training to maximize strength, reps matter a lot less than the load you train with. The recommended number of reps for strength training usually lies between 3-5 reps. It is better to do a periodized program that makes you lift heavier as it progresses. It is not just about training muscles but also training yourself mentally. Here you don’t push yourself to failure as it affects you adversely. Rest for 3-5 minutes between sets to prepare for heavier lifts.

How many reps and sets do you need for weight loss? Start by doing three sets of 10 reps per exercise. As you ease into these, increase the number of sets to three to four sets of 12 reps each. If you are familiar with lifting weights, try out three to five sets of 10 to 15 reps.

There’s no particular number anyone can give you for the workout set. It is deeply personal and dynamic as you keep growing fitter and better. Read up on these tips to figure out what works for you.

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