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Push-Up To Power Up!

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If you could only pick one exercise to buff up your biceps and chest, what would it be?  You don’t want to rely on a gym forever. Make a push-up of your holy grail!

Here’s what you should know before you begin.

Benefits of push-ups every day

Athletes and trainers all over the world know that pushups are one of the most efficient exercises for building muscle strength. Their glory lies in the fact that they don’t require any equipment for execution. Including push-ups in a workout routine, every day can be effective if you follow a consistent exercise routine to follow. 

Pushups mainly indulge the muscles around your shoulder joints and help in strengthening them. These muscles are responsible for keeping the arm bone intact in the shoulder socket.

Whenever you’re feeling down, drop to the ground and do a nice set of push-ups for an instant kick of energy. Push-ups improve circulation which fires up your brain instantly. In the long run, you need to make sure you are taking care of your bone health. Resistance and strength training keeps bones strong and also helps you keep the muscle groups attached to them in good shape. Push-ups are a great way to strengthen your wrists and elbow muscles and reduce the risk of injury when done correctly.

If you thought your push-ups only benefit your arms, you couldn’t be more wrong. The effect of one-push up can be felt in multiple muscle areas since your heart has to pump up and work harder as the breath quickens. This promotes weight loss, thereby improving your metabolic rate. This is one of the best effects of push-ups.

The benefits of push-ups for males differ from that in females. Typically called a girl-push-up, this is a slightly easier version of the exercise, which is usually recommended for women and some overweight men who are new to an upper-body workout and have less strength. Ladies, you can strengthen your biceps, triceps, and pectoral muscles and tone your arms, while also stabilizing the core and abdominal muscles. You get well-toned legs and buttocks as you begin to do more sets of proper push-ups. It is a rather challenging workout.

Core stability is your ability to control the movement and posture of your torso. Push-up exercises help with core strengthening, which brings better posture and balance.

Make sure your spine remains stable throughout the exercise. This puts the focus on the arms, chest, upper back, and core. 

What are the risks when I overdo the push-ups?

Everything reaches a saturation point. The same applies to indulging in one exercise every day. Your body no longer feels challenged after a while. This means you might be “plateauing,” a process where you are unable to witness the same benefits of your workout. Since your muscles adapt and improve their function when stressed,  which often happens in strength training exercises. It’s important to keep changing exercises and include a variety of them to keep reaping the goodness. This improves your strength and physical fitness levels as well.