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MMA Training Exercise Plan

Boxing Practice

This exercise plan is meant for preseason training, which is when one needs to develop strength, speed, and power. Stick to this plan for 4-6 weeks before changing any of the exercises, sets or reps. Adjust this workout program only if it is found to be too difficult or too easy. Support hard work in the gym by eating healthy foods with lots of protein. There’s no easier way to ruin progress than by not taking nutrition seriously.

 Day 1Running, Treadmill Sprints10 x 30 sec.45 sec.
PlyosPlyo Push-ups3 x 60 sec. to failure45 sec.
 Overhead Slams3 x 2045 sec.
 Lateral Cone Hops3 x 2045 sec.
 Box Jump (multiple response)3 x 2045 sec.
 Rope Jumping1 x 15 min.
Day 2Hanging Leg Raise2 x 1530 sec.
CoreSit-ups with crunch3 x 2030 sec.
 Plank3 x 90 sec.0 sec.
 Weighted Sit-ups with band3 x 1045 sec.
 Russian Twists3 x 1530 sec.
 Medicine Ball Rotational Throw3 x 1230 sec.
Day 3Active Rest
Day 4Barbell Bench Press – Medium Grip5 x 560 sec.
StrengthSingle Leg Deadlift3 x 1260 sec.
 Barbell Squat3 x 860 sec.
 Standing Military Press2 x 1060 sec.
 Chin-ups3 x 1060 sec.
Day 5Heavy Bag Thrust with boxing8 x 60 sec.60 sec.
Power, CardioFree Hand Jump Squat3 x 3045 sec.
 Overhead Slams3 x 3045 sec.
SupersetsPush-ups5 x 1 to failure60 sec.
 Pull-ups5 x 1 to failure60 sec.
 Rope Jumping1 x 15 min.60 sec.
Day 6 & 7Martial Arts Technique
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