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If You Aren’t Basic, Why Should Your Push-Ups Be?

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Don’t you get tired of doing the same boring exercise routines every day? Whether you are on the lookout to diversify your training or challenge yourself, have a bit of fun. Challenge yourself with these 4 exercises that combine traditional push-ups with fun workouts.

1. Cross and Push!

Add push-ups to your cross-fit routine and reap the benefits of both in one go. As it is a task to achieve a high number of push-ups in one go, we suggest combining 2-3 exercises of your choice. This can be easily personalized as a HIIT as well.

You can start by combining push-ups with squats. This gives time to recover your upper body in time, hence building stamina to perform more push-ups easily.

2. Take the Band-Aid

Add resistance bands to your push-up routine. These are especially for those who are starting out and have difficulty doing bodyweight reps. And they also work if you have already mastered the basic push-up! The added weight of resistance bands helps with sculpting the tricep muscles also.

The band is looped over your upper back while holding one end of it in each thumb. Start by maintaining contractions in your abdominal muscles and glutes. The Plank position is the best way to achieve these. Perform your normal push-up by lowering the body until your chest touches the floor, and then raise it up.  

3. Iguana Ooh nana!

The simple push-up can be a wonderful friend to your trusted calisthenics and gymnastics routine. Called the Iguana to push up, this variation requires a parallel bar or rail. Challenge yourself and your friends with this one and see who has the perfect balance!

Start by gripping the bar tightly and crossing one leg over the other. Once the primary position is achieved,  perform your regular push-ups. The posture being a difficult one, we would advise a gradual build-up at each step, firstly trying to achieve the perfect posture and getting used to the rail.

4. Medicine Ball Push-ups

Engaging your core is an excellent way to bring overall strength and stability. Medicine ball push-ups help provide exactly that to you. Ball push-ups significantly aid in building chest and tricep muscles as well.

Perform this push-up by placing your hands shoulder-width apart on a medicine ball, your feet behind you, so you’re in a slightly elevated plank position. Slowly move the body down to touch your chest to the ball and then push up, doing this while keeping your elbows in.

Now, who said you couldn’t be extra in the gym?

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