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Five 5-Minute WorkOuts For The Time Starved Millennial

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Don’t worry. Here are some short and crisp 5-minute exercises that can help you beat them all and stay young, vibrant, energetic and healthy-:

  1. Push Up’s:
    Push Up’s help to build the upper body strength. They also let you focus on your arms, abs and lower body simultaneously, giving a holistic health push to your entire body. Push-ups can be quick and simple. A healthy well -rounded exercise that can be easily practiced under 5 minutes!
  2. Crunches:
    Yeah, we’d all like ripped and toned beach bodies and crunches exactly help is getting that Other than toning the stomach area, they also help strengthen the abdominal region. Crunches also help building endurance in the middle region of your body, making you look fitter and feel healthier. There are many types of crunches that can be practiced according to the area of your body that needs work and the art can be practiced in less than 5 minutes.
  3. Power Walk:
    A power walk is one of the most relaxing and stress freeing exercises, not only physically but also mentally. Power walks help to streamline your focus cells, making you concentrate on tasks better. Power walks also help reducing weight and foster better performance of daily tasks. A powerful and healthy promenade is all that you need to beat your weekday blues!
  4. Jump Squats:
    With problems, tribulations and tensions bobbing back and forth, it’s best to beat them by hopping back at them. Jump squats are super effective, easy to practice and have a plethora of benefits. They help build muscles, burn more fat and boost performance, tone abs and surprisingly help is waste removal as well.
  5. Planking:
    Yeah, you can call it a classic, but it is easy to master and practice. Planking also tangibly affects many parts of the body parallelly. It enhances flexibility, tones the body, reduces back pain, improves body and posture and you didn’t know this but trust us, it also improves your mood.