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Cycling Training Plans

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Following a training plan is the most effective way to become a faster cyclist. Whether one’s training to win or simply for the love of the sport, they’ll get faster with well-structured training every step of the way.

Base Phase

Every training plan is built upon a basic, underlying foundation of fitness. During the Base phase, one’ll cultivate the endurance and cycling skills necessary for further specialization.

Traditional Base Phase

The Traditional block takes an old-fashioned approach to base training. It requires a large time commitment to result in significant gains. Unless one dedicates at least 10 hours/per week to training, it isn’t recommended to have the long, low-intensity traditional approach. This block is primarily geared toward high-volume Grand Tour athletes or those recovering from an injury who want to avoid high-intensity intervals.

Phase # Volume # Hrs/Wk
Phase 1 Low Volume I 4.1 Hrs/Wk
Low Volume II 4.1 Hrs/Wk
Low Volume III 5.1 Hrs/Wk
Phase 2 Mid Volume I 6.4 Hrs/Wk
Mid Volume II 7.2 Hrs/Wk
Mid Volume III 8.6 Hrs/Wk
Phase 3 Mid Volume I 9.2 Hrs/Wk
Mid Volume II 10.4 Hrs/Wk
Mid Volume III 12.7 Hrs/Wk